This week, how to power your home entirely with bikes, the best and worst renewable energy chargers, an app that'll save your phone's battery life, e-murders, fruity solar lights and a whole lot more.

The Great CRT TV Massacre: Berlin Victims Speak (Slideshow)
In Berlin, countless e-murders take place every day. For the first time, the victims speak, to the camera of photographer Gerrit Sievert.


Solar Powered Mangoes to Illuminate Your Patio
Been looking for some fruity fun for your patio? Solar powered mangoes could be just the trick. Not only do they look like fruit, but they are made of fruit.

Powering Your Entire Home By Bike?! The BBC Explores 'Cheap' Energy (Video)
The BBC has taken a stab at illustrating what our modern energy needs look like in human terms. And the result is dramatic. Check out this video.

Renewable Energy Chargers: 6 We Love and 6 That Will Never Fly
Not all the chargers we see coming out of designers and stores look like they'll be successful. In the world of small scale renewable energy, some ideas are perfect solutions, and others fall flat. Here's our take on those we think will make it, and those that will get tossed in the bad idea bin, and why.


Hand Crank Twinkle Lights Work Just Like a Pencil Sharpener
Get the kids cranking out your gadget energy with this clever concept.

Hack Things Better With Crazy Cool Material Sugru
If you think duct tape solves all problems, you'll be taken aback by this material. Silly putty on steroids, it fixes everything.

PowerTutor - An App for Greening Your Smart Phone Apps
Love playing with new apps but sick of your phone's battery dying? Here's a solution - an app that displays the energy consumption of smart phone apps so we know which are sucking our batteries dry.


Solar Powered Phone Sticks to Window for Charging
Liu Hsiang-Ling has come up with a clever concept design that makes charging a cell phone with solar as easy as possible - just slap it onto a window and wait.

Plastic Solar Breakthrough: Efficiency Record Broken by Solarmer
This technology has the potential of bringing the cost of solar energy down, and also to allow us to put solar panels in all kinds of places.

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