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This week on TreeHugger, the most awesome maps that are making us change how we look at the world, scientists try to mimic cockroach's brainless running, turning pee into hydrogen power, and more!

Yellow Power: Making Hydrogen From Pee
We do go on about the benefits of urine separating toilets, and how we have to redesign our plumbing systems to scale up dry composting and pee separation. Now we have another great reason to convert to urine separating toilets: It might become a great source of hydrogen.

22 Most Amazing Maps Changing How We See The World
we've gathered up some of the most impressive maps we saw over the year, from interactive maps, to those that please the eye, to those that tried to make a difference in the world. Enjoy!


Microsoft Debuts Environmental Atlas of Europe
From shipping routes opening up through the ice of the Baltic Sea to a massive plankton bloom off the coast of Ireland, from diminishing reindeer herds in Finland, satellite images of the changes global warming is bringing to Europe are being deployed online.

Just What We Needed Dept: Birdwatchcam Takes Pictures For Birdwatchers Short On Time
Touted as a device for avid birdwatchers who don't have time to get out in the field, the Birdwatchercam can be mounted to a tree to track your feathered friends. But, if you're an avid birdwatcher, wouldn't you rather see the birds? Well, if you lack the time, here's a gadget you might be interested in.

LED Light Bulb Aims Light Only Where You Want It
Designer Seokjae Rhee has come up with an interesting idea for an LED bulb that can light up a room only where you want it to. With a remote control, you can aim the light in a particular direction or adjust the range of the light.

Scientists Look to Cockroaches as Biomimicry Solution for Super Powered Running Robots
It isn't just the capability of getting over rocky areas or moving quickly that scientists want to mimic - it's also a cockroach's brainless ability to zip from here to there that the researchers are after.


Guy Adds Boat Tail to Car, Increases MPG by 15.1%
Darin Cosgrove has increased the fuel efficiency of his car by 15.1% by adding a homemade boat tail made from cardboard, aluminum and duct tape to the vehicle.

10 Top Techy Tools for Easy Sustainable Eating
Luckily, in our tech-savvy world, we have access to some great online and electronic tools that help us eat more eco-friendly without adding any hassle to our daily lives.


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wouldn't you also need to setup a seperate sewage system to transport the pee without contaminating it?

Expensive -check

Impractical -check

yup meets the criteria for tree hugger tech