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This week, it's all about CES. Nanotechnology changing our LED displays, solar-powered cars, human-powered chargers that work, e-readers galore, electronic bikes and a whole lot more green stuff from this crazy ass gadget trade show.

Nielson Fact Sheet Reveals Surprising Statistics About American Gadget Use
In preparation for CES, tech bloggers were sent a fact sheet from Nielsen about gadget use in American households. Some of the stats used are positively jaw dropping, and shine a whole new light on the technology seen at the tradeshow.


Sharp Shows Off Solar Powered Car, New LED TVs, and Lovely LED Lights
Sharp was happy to show off its greener products at CES, starting with a big display for the Tokai Solar Car. Check out that, plus other goodies from the Sharp booth.

Nanosys Using Nanotechnology to Make LED Lighting More Beautiful
Using nanotechnology, Nanosys has figured out how to make LEDs of virtually any hue with a color saturation far greater than current LED-backlit LCD displays, and lighting that has warmer hues. In other words, way better lighting and displays, without changing manufacturing plants or energy efficiency.


Wireless!! e-Coupled Brings Wireless Charging to Everything from Laptops to Hot Pots (Video)
Wireless charging was a popular technology being shown around CES. I stopped to talk with eCoupled, a wireless charging company working to put wireless charging in households and businesses everywhere. The company behind the Dell Latitude Z, eCoupled is already showing off their technology and what we can expect to see in the future.

Solar Powered iPhone Skins Getting More Popular
One of our very popular posts from this fall was news about solar powered skins for iPhones and iPod Touch products. And when I say popular, I mean REALLY popular. It's clear this is the kind of thing readers can get excited about. But at CES, it was also clear that it's not just TreeHugger readers who get excited about it - everyone does.


Bamboo Keyboard, Mouse and Headphones from Impecca
When you're surrounded by plastic, metal, and other man-made materials all day long, something made of a natural substance like bamboo calls you to it. I had to stop and say hello to these lovely computer peripherals by Impecca.

YoGen Makes a Splash in Pull-String Charging (Video)
The YoGen hand-held charger is one we talked about back in October, and I finally got to see it in action at CES. It was one of the more popular booths in the Sustainable Planet section, and after trying out the product, I could see why. I also got a demonstration of their prototype pedal-powered charger for laptops, which is reportedly capable of a 50 Watt charge, with just an easy push of a pedal. Check it out.


CEA Backs Stance on NYC e-Cycling Lawsuit and California TV Efficiency Regulations (Video)
To find out more about CEA's stance on the environment and to get their take on their lawsuit against the NYC electronics recycling law, and their feelings on the new California television efficiency regulations, I met with Parket Brugge, Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Industry Sustainability of the Consumer Electronics Association. Here's what CEA has to say about these two issues, and greener gadgets.

PHOLED Technology Can Cut OLED Power Consumption By Factor of Four (Video)
Janice Mahon, Vice President of Universal Display Corporation sat with me to discuss advancements in PHOLED research, what could be the greenest display and lighting technology.


Embertec Cuts Vampire Power With One Device, Zero Effort (Video)
Embertec is looking to take a bite out of vampire power with their solution that doesn't require the user to do anything different, or learn anything new. Pretty basic, right? Check out a video of the technology

eReaders Go Bonkers At CES, Sales Expected to Double...Should We Be Scared?
Last year it was all about the netbooks. This year, it's all about the e-readers. e-Readers are so hot at CES this year that they received their own Tech Zone. CEA expects that their sales will double in the next year, and considering the explosion of models and accessories being shown off at CES, it's not hard to agree that's a reasonable expectation. But, looking at some of the other technology and buzz words at CES, is this a market destined to become a massive pile of obsolete gadgets in the very near future?


Sanyo's Eneloop Bike May Be a Bike World Game Changer (Video)
This bike has made quite a splash at CES, and is one of the most beautiful electric bikes we've seen. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's at a cost that is very competitive. Designed from the ground up to be an electric transportation vehicle, it has a beautiful shape along with powerful capabilities. Check out our video interview showing off the bike.

Greenpeace Ranks Nokia As Top Green Gadget Company
It's tough to get a high rank on Greenpeace's Green Electronics Guide. The organization is tough when it comes to measuring up how companies are doing with recycling, eliminating toxic materials, planning for a device's end of life and so on. Which is why the fact that Nokia snagged top rank at an impressive 7.3 out of 10 is an accomplishment. Check out how Nokia did it, who else made the top ranks and why.