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This week on TreeHugger, we question what Apple's tablet device could mean for society, find a car that literally has everything and the kitchen sink, have the perfect project for gadget hackers, and more.

Would You Pay $800 For a Bike Power Generator?
The idea of using a bike to charge your television is fun, but getting a little grating considering most people aren't going to use it as a solution to their energy issues. Still, Red Ferret directs us to this piece of rather expensive equipment. Check it out and tell us if you'd pay this much to pedal-charge your laptop or TV.

Kitchen Sink Cadillac Has Everything You Need For Healthy Dining In Your Car
The Kitchen Sink Cadillac has everything you need to eat food, not too much, mostly plants, or whatever else your back seat chef wants to whip up. It has a toaster, cutlery holder, hot plate, refrigerator and "yes, the kitchen sink."


Mold May Help Design Future Transportation Routes
Mold has been found to be smart, efficient problem solvers when it comes to finding food, and researchers now believe the special skill of the mold could be used to make roadway designs more efficient as well.

WattzOn Connects You With the Real Story of Your Stuff
Ready to put on your gadget geek super hero cape and dive in to some crowd-sourced data collection and correction? Calling anyone who knows how to take apart gadgets and is interested in what they're made of: Wattzon needs you.


What Does Apple's Tablet Really Mean for Our Society?Apple's device announcement is actually a big enough deal in America and internationally to warrant an inquiry into where we are in electronics and cradle-to-cradle living as a species.

Five-Year Phone Concept Phone Finally Hits Sustainable Design Points
Designer James Barber has come up with a concept phone for Nokia that we can start to get on board with. Built with the dual problem of embodied energy - the energy it takes to make the device itself - and recyclability of our electronics in mind, Barber worked out a phone that maximizes both the use of the embodied energy and the recyclability. The result is a gadget much closer to green than many other concepts we see churned out. What do you think - hit or miss?


Walmart, Dell, HP, Best Buy, Intel, and Toshiba Launch Sustainability Consortium for Electronics
Shall we file this in the "Just What We Needed Dept"? It's yet another group getting in on the green gadget evaluation and labeling systems, this time launched by the very folks you really can't trust to be unbiased when it comes to electronic products and promoting their eco-features. Can we trust retailers and electronics manufacturers to determine what's "green"?

Solar Powered Petal Bench Unfurls for Daytime Seating
Designer Ji Sung Park offers up an idea for a solar powered park bench that acts like a flower. During the day, the petals are unfurled and act as seats for passers-by, while at night, the petals fold up and it becomes a path light. Neat...but as with all concept designs, we have a few suggestions.


Solar Power Brings Clean Water & Clean Lighting to Haiti Relief Effort
There's some great green gadgetry helping out Haiti. One non-profit is raising money to bring 50,000 solar-powered lamps, flashlights, and mobile phone chargers to Port-au-Prince, as well as install a 1.8 kilowatts of solar powered lighting in hospitals, while another is raising money to bring over 500 solar-powered water purification systems to Haiti.

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