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This week on TreeHugger, houses that spin, fake trees help out migrating birds, where we'll see OLEDs and what will beat them, and an e-reader comparison with the iPad, Kindle, Nook and more.


Living with Joey Roth's Ceramic Speakers
After whining about about Mocoloco getting a set of Joey Roth's ceramic speakers to review before I did, I stomped my little feet and he sent me a set to review. And I have to say, from the moment you open the box, you know this is a very different product.

e-Reader Chart Compares iPad, Kindle, Nook and More, Makes Shopping A Little Easier
With all the e-readers hitting the market, it's getting more difficult to know which is the best product to buy. Here's a new comparison chart that will make sizing up your possibilities for the next big thing in going digital. And yes, it includes the iPad.

Fake Trees Art Installation is a Home for Migrating Birds in Chile
These 'fake trees' were designed by Chilean architects Claudio Magrini and Emilio Marin to improve the visuals on a road leading to Santiago, while inviting migrating birds to feel less interrupted by the route and more at home in their way. More photos inside.

More on Solar Panels Boosting Haiti Relief Efforts
Sol Inc. is making good on its commitment to help power Haiti relief efforts with solar energy. The company said in January that it planned to send about $400,000 worth of photovoltaics to the earthquake-ravaged country to help with round-the-clock relief efforts. Check out photos of the installation projects, and catch a glimpse of what the conditions are like in Haiti.

New Rubber Film Could Harvest Energy from Breathing, Walking to Power Gadgets
Princeton University engineers have come up with a rubber film that harvests kinetic energy. But it's not just another piezoelectric film. And it could end up everywhere from inside your chest to the soles of your shoes.

Consumers In Emerging Markets Outpace Americans in Buying Electronics...Especially Greener Gadgets
According to a new report, developing economies are more likely than ever to outpace Americans in their gadget consumption. However, they're also far more likely than Americans to purchase environmentally friendly devices, and use those devices to their fullest


OLEDs: Where We'll See Them, and What Will Beat Them
So, where are we seeing OLEDs turn up, why aren't they common yet, and what technology will beat out this purportedly ultra energy efficient technology that is moving forward at a snail's pace?

Rotating Houses Put A Whole New Spin on Green Design
There are more houses that can turn on a dime than one might think! Check out these houses that will have your head spinning.


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I wonder why the WOOD shingled house in the middle pic is a treehugger design?...

Maybe the shingles are made from some free range tree that died of old age?