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This week on TreeHugger, jackets that turn into sleeping bags with air mattresses, bad-ass photos done with iPhones, save energy with glow-in-the-dark toilet paper, underwater fly larvae might be the solution for surgeries, and more!


Google Develops a Cheaper Mirror for Solar Thermal, Could Cut Cost in Half
Google's energy division has been working on making cheaper mirrors. Bill Weihl, the company's green energy czar, claims that their latest prototype could cut by half the cost of building a solar thermal plant. That would be a huge breakthrough!

Amazing Nature Photos Taken with..iPhone's 3GS Macro Lens!? (Slideshow)
It is not so novel anymore that a cell phone comes with a built in camera; it's now the norm. But a certain phone fitted with a camera that produces high-quality macro images which rival those of stand-alone cameras finally prompted me to give up my Canon.

Hit or Miss? Growing Plants Gets Techy With The Click & Grow System
Exactly how much technology do we need to utilize in order to keep a plant alive? Apparently for some people, a lot. The Click & Grow offers a computerized system utilizing sensors for correct watering and fertilizing to make growing houseplants brainless.

Transformer Clothing: The Sleeping Coat Becomes Your Bedroom
Check out this Sleeping Coat. It lAooks like a normal jacket, but functions as both a windbreaker and a sleeping bag with an inflatable mattress. Go-go-gadget camping gear.

Turn a Dead Keyboard Into The World's Hardest Brain Teaser
Want a seriously difficult brain game wrapped in the guise of a DIY project upcycling computer pieces? Try making this Rubik's-Cube-Gone-Sudoku game using the keys from two broken keyboards.

Underwater Bugs in Medicine - Caddisfly Silk Inspires Scotch Tape Solution for Surgeries
This is a caddisfly larva, or a rock roller as it is also known. It's a strange little bug that while in larva state, lives underwater and creates its own "shell" by spinning a sticky silk that collects sand grains. Scientists are using this as an inspiration for a biomimetic solution in surgery, hoping to create a synthetic version that can be used as an adhesive tape-like suture


New Chip Can Boost Image Quality of Cheaper Televisions
An IC chip that can adjust the image quality of an LCD TV by attaching to the image processor or the scaler chip, adjusting color, white balance and sharpness could be boosting the quality of cheap-o TVs by the end of the year.

Handmade Clay Speakers Belt Out The "Sound of the Earth"
These clay speakers, by Chilean designer Pablo Ocqueteau are called "MapuguaquƩn", or Sound of the Earth. Big, gorgeous, and great sound.


Greener Gadgets 2010: Design Competition Winner Isn't A Gadget At All
The finalists and winners reflected the feeling among the judges and audience that we need to a) make less stuff and b) get a lot smarter in the devices we dream up. Check out who made it to the top picks, and who took home the cake. Anyone with an'll love the winner.

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