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This week on TreeHugger, apps to help you park ASAP, geeky gadgets for plant lovers, electric boats and lawn mowers, buses that double as hotels, and more!


Eco Electric ATV: Can It Actually Be Green?
the Eco Electric ATV is described as "dream come true for farmers and property owners, its direct drive electric motor has the power to pull farming equipment, pull a trailer full of wood, fix fence posts, grade a horse arena, use inside barns and arenas without disturbing animals." It is a quiet, emission free, not so horrible thing.

The Godfather of Efficiency Could Get His Own Unit of Energy Savings
Seen by many as the godfather of energy efficiency, an international group of scientists has proposed that Arthur Rosenfeld deserves his own unit of electricity savings. The 54 authors of an article, published in Environmental Research Letters, suggest that one "Rosenfeld" equal the saving of 3 billion kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This is roughly equivalent to turning off a 500-megawatt coal power plant for a year.


Run Cordless and Free: New Electric Mowers from Black & Decker
Reel mowers, also called manual or push mowers, are coming along nicely, as we can see in the Fiskars Momentum and the Brill. But many people will still want something that packs more punch. If that's you, an electric mower might be your thing.

iSpotSwap iPhone App - Find Parking Fast, Switch Spots with Other Drivers
Cutting down on fuel wasted while prowling for a parking spot is important - as is the stalker-like feeling you get from going 3 miles an hour behind a pedestrian in a parking lot so you can claim their spot. That's why we love phone apps that help us do it without effort. There's a brand new one out called iSpotSwap. It's brilliant! It lets you track down open spots, and tell others when your spot is about to be freed up so they can have it.

Amazing Photo of Earth Taken With Point-n-Shoot Camera and Balloon
Who needs high-tech, fossil fueled vehicles to get amazing images of the earth from 22 miles overhead? Not Robert Harrison, who captured this incredible image with just a digital camera and a helium-filled balloon. You can check out the details about how he did it and try it out yourself.

Power-Saving Plug Concept Highlights Hits and Misses in Device Design
The Sticord Power Saving Plughas a clever premise - changing the cord into an on-off button that cuts the connection to the power supply - but there are issues. Not only does it mildly scold us for being lazy with it's "this is NOT difficult" message, but it underscores a big problem in the designs of these phantom power eliminator concepts.


First Viewings of Sony's 3D T.V: Watch It Soon!
TreeHugger was invited to visit Sony's Technology Center in Stuttgart, Germany to hear about ecological and environmental initiatives in the company. We watched ourselves on the Bravia 3D TV. Available in June, it will become the must-have item for all sports and gaming fanatics.

Sony Introduces an Eco Laptop, the VAIO W
The special VAIO W eco edition is designed to be the most environmentally friendly laptop yet.


Infinyte Electric Boat: Ugly, But It Grows On You
My first reaction upon seeing the Infinyte i4 electric boat was "why is it so ugly?" It looks less like a boat than a floating hot tub. But the longer you look, the more it makes sense; it has an efficient catamaran hull, and it's not exactly designed for water skiing.

Huge Bus is Really Capsule Hotel on Wheels
TreeHugger has posted many times on capsule hotels, that are so efficient at packing people into small spaces. The German travel company Rotel Tours goes one step further, and puts a capsule hotel on wheels. Tourists sit in the front by day, and move to the rear at night.


Whale Power Technology Kicks Big Ass
The idea, known as tubercle technology, is being considered for airplanes, submarines and wind turbines, but the first product on the market is the Altra Air ceiling fan from Envira-North Technologies.

Plants Get Geeky! 10 Techy Tools and Concepts for Gardeners
In these modern times, even such simple tasks as tending plants now have gadgety help. Some ideas for how technology can help us with our green thumbs are awesome, while others miss the mark. We're taking a look at 10 tools - from apps to devices to concepts - that aim to make communing with flora easier.


TreeHugger's EcoModo column appears every Tuesday on Gizmodo.

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I've had my Black and Decker cordless mower for 2 years now. It works great. I love not having to worry about gasoline. Pretty solid product and warranty.