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This week, teens smash their first iPad on purpose, stoves that generate electricity while they cook, squeezing the last drop from your ink cartridges, Best of Green awards in science and technology, and more!

Best of Green: Science and Technology
From gadgets and software to websites and activists, the Best of Green winners on the following pages seem to know. Check them out to learn more about the top movers and shakers in the scientific and technology communities.

Hybrid Robot's Microbial Fuel Cell Transforms Polluted Water Into Vegetation
What if an army of mobile robots could transform polluted water into plant life? Tracing a fine line between robot and plant, art project and self-sustaining mini-ecosystem machine, Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza's hybrid creation "Nomadic Plants" (Plantas Nomadas) is a quirky contraption that actively seeks polluted water to feed the vegetation and microorganisms living symbiotically inside its body.


Travel Stove Creates Electricity While It Cooks (Video)
How great would it be to have a stove where you can chuck practically any fuel source into it, have it utilize that fuel efficienctly to quickly heat your food, reduce emissions drastically, and power your gadgets? It seems that the option is actually on its way.

WTF? Teens Purchase iPad Just to Smash It With A Baseball Bat
In order to be the very first to destroy an iPad, some teens waited in line, purchased one, and immediately went outside the store where they smashed it to bits with a baseball bat. Why?


GE Unveils New LED Bulb - 17 Year Life Span and $50 Price Tag
For awhile there, GE was hoping to keep up incandescent light bulbs by releasing a high efficiency incandescent bulb. But they quietly dropped that dead end about two years later. Now, they've made a new announcement that they're bringing out an LED bulb that'll replace incandescents, giving you 17 years worth of light from a $50 bulb.

Solar Blossom Pop Up Art Gallery Powered By the Sun
DeMarco Architecture came up with the Solar Blossom, a pop-up art gallery that looks like a flower and is powered by the sun to show off art or be a stage for musical performances.


Century Gothic Saves More Ink Than Ecofont
If you're looking to squeeze the most out of your ink cartridges, we have it on good authority that the font matters.

Hit or Miss? Smart Packaging Design - Yogurt Lid Becomes the Spoon
The lid of this yogurt container is popped into a new shape to become the spoon. However, there's one rather counterproductive problem with the design.


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