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This week on TreeHugger, super scary tree killing machines, awesome products made from $h!t, getting rich with home energy gadgets, and iPhone apps to clear up confusion about all those green labels.


Urban Forest Map: Wikipedia + Google maps, but for Trees
Love a particular tree in your neighborhood. Add it to a cool new app. Urban Forest Map is launching a kind of hybrid between Google Maps and Wikipedia; It starts with data provided by the city, and then allows people to add details and fill in the gaps about every tree in their city.

Students Study Solutions for Solar-Powered Pasteurization in Peru
A group of students from Rensselaer Polytechnic has come up with a smart idea for safer milk in Peru - a solar powered solution that is cheap and could have global implications for farmers in rural or developing areas.


Meet the Five Scariest Tree-Killing Machines (Video)
Gone, it seems, are the days of hard-earned lumber, where felling a tree took sweat and grit. Now, thanks to advances in technology, large swaths of forest can be harvested in a fraction of the time by a single lumberjack, all from a comfortable seated position. Yikes!!

Completely Confused by Green Labels? There's an App to Fix That">
In the utterly confusing mass of green labels, there's a ray of hope with this free app

World's First - Book Packaging Features Solar-Powered OLED Slipcover to Double as Reading Light
STI Group, one of Europe's leading packaging experts, created a book slipcase that features a solar powered OLED light to read by. Useful, or wasteful?

Turning Atoms into Bits: Using Computing to Cut Carbon and Stuff From Our Lives
Everyone from Saul Griffith of Wattzon to Bill Gross of Idealab to Bill Weihl of Google are putting in their two cents about how technology can help us not just more highly value what we have, but change what it is we value in the first place.


A Room Made of Cardboard...Can You Tell?
Cardboard is one of those underrated materials. During the Milan Furniture Fair, Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010 two artists presented the exhibition "Paperboard Innovation," including elaborate artwork, dogs, clocks, shag rugs, furniture, and more made out of this humble material.

How Big is the Home Efficiency Improvement Market?
Do you stand to get rich by creating home efficiency software or gadgets? Probably...


Holy $h!t: Beautiful (and Useful) Objects Made from Dung (Slideshow)
While most people try to stay as far away from feces as possible, a few enterprising artists and designers see one mammal's waste as another's treasure. Whether it's 10-inch heels made from elephant dung, ironic toilets made from horse manure, or holiday gifts that are literally crap, these objects are putting shitty materials to work in a whole new way.

Bike-Powered Lamp by Gionata Gatto
These two LED light designs are great for getting some exercise - you can't see if you don't move your legs! It looks like the perfect hack for a home gym.


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