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This week on TreeHugger, grab the best green apps for your iPad, check out plans for a crazy seaweed airship, OLET tech wants to kill OLEDs, and are smart meters going to slowly kill you?


15 Green Apps For Your New Apple iPad
We're excited to watch iPad apps slowly roll out, and there are already a good handful we like, including the best apps for catching the news, movies, and even some green-themed games.

Sparkling Chair Made of PET and Air, Just Like a Water Bottle! by Marcel Wanders
Marcel Wanders' new Sparkling Chair, designed for Magis and launched in Milan this year, is made of just a little plastic and some air.

Organic Seaweed Farm Powers Bio-Hydrogen Airship
The semi-rigid airship is powered by an algal-based bio-hydrogen in conjunction with inflatable photovoltaic cells and wind propellers that double as turbines.

Do Household Tasks While Asleep To Save Energy
Canadian broadcasters, CBC Radio and Quebec's Radio-Canada, are partnering with E-Radio Inc., a wireless network, on developing technology that could significantly decrease power usage during heavy times by scheduling home appliances to turn on while you're asleep.

Broken Skateboards Become Sustainable Designs
Art of Board, a design company based in Hannover, PA is doing crazy cool things with colourful, recycled scraps from broken skateboard decks. Their modus operandi: "Skateboarding is not a crime. Throwing away a perfectly broken skateboard deck, is."

Rocket Condo Built of Surplus Subway Cars
Over the next couple of years the Toronto Transit Commission is replacing a lot of its subway cars. Ryerson School of Interior Design student Heather Borozny notes that people are converting shipping containers into housing, so why not subway cars? After all they are longer and wider and already have windows.


What The Heck is OLET Technology, and Will It Replace OLEDs?
OLET, or organic light emitting transistors, are reported to be as much as 100 times more efficient than equivalent OLEDs and twice as efficient as optimized OLEDs. According to Nanowerk, where OLEDs fail, OLETs are taking up the slack.

California Town Trying to Stall Smart Meter Installation Over Health Risk Concerns
The small town of Fairfax, just north of San Francisco, California, is hoping to stop or at least put a pause on Pacific Gas & Electric's smart meter installation project planned for July. The town council is raising concerns over the possible health risks presented by smart meters, saying that they could be worse than having cell phone towers nearby. But that's not their only complaint about the smart meters.


If You Want Social Networking for Tap Water Drinkers, JoinThePipe
JoinThePipe has invented social networking for tap water drinkers, including a JoinThePipe reusable water bottle that users can link with friends, to make the "longest pipe in the world."

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Those condo's look like they are going to be nice though. Reminds me of the shipping container homes..