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This week on TreeHugger, Microsoft and Google take over our cars, becoming Spiderman is closer to reality, making toasters from scratch, and sound systems held within LED lightbulbs.

MusicLite Combines Audio System and LED Bulb in One Fixture. The Question is: Why?
Insta-sound system? We aren't sure what to make of this all-in-one LED bulb

Guy Makes Toaster 100% from Scratch
The ultimate Maker, you might say, he even did the smelting himself. Here's a video.


Recycled Bench Grows Plants, Generates Electricity
The bench, a design by Steven Ma, is not only a bench, but also a planter, a street light, and a power generator.

Fujitsu Offers Faster, More Colorful E-paper - Too Little Too Late for Gadgeteers? Fujistu announced a breakthrough of better color e-paper with a higher contrast so that the images are more vibrant. But now, with the release of the iPad, is color e-paper too little too late for this market?

Breakthrough: 'Light Pipes' Increase the Performance of Organic Solar Cells by More than 100%A new way of laying down fibers allows this light cell to absorb light coming in from any angle.

Will We Really Become Spiderman? Maybe! Researchers Create Artificial Spider Silk Spinner
Researchers have uncovered a key aspect in how spiders make silk, and they may be able to replicate it.


Solar Powered Trash Can Texts When Full (Video)
These solar powered trash cans can text sanitation crews to say they're full and ready for some attention.

Microsoft's Predestination Makes Your Car Like Knight Rider (Video)
The system can take into account your driving habits, predict where you're headed, and give you better directions for how to get to your destination before you even realize that's where you're headed or that you need the directions.


Students' Wind- and Solar-Powered Bike Helmet Charges Gadgets While Protecting Riders
Sure, it may look a bit like a high-tech helicopter beanie, but according to theBangalore Mirror, the helmet can help save energy—and your life.

Google's Android OS Headed to the Chevy Volt If the rumor's true, GM will make the Chevy Volt the first Android-based vehicle to hit the road.


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