Ecomodo: The Best of Treehugger

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This week on TreeHugger, how ants and other animals will change our computers, cars and commute, we visit Maker Faire, buildings shaped like Nintendo DS, showers that heat their own water, and more!


Computers to Cars, the Top 5 Areas Where Biomimicry Works Best
While biomimicry can be used in every aspect of our lives, there are five areas in particular where biomimicry is making big changes. Check out how ants will change how your computer functions.

Great Short Film About the U.S.'s Only Residential Vacuum Garbage Collection
Could vacuum tubes be the best way to collect garbage? Check out this quick video and see what you think.

Piezo Shower Heats Water Without Electricity
Could kinetic energy gathered by water running through the pipes of this elaborate shower be enough to heat the water?

Solar Stereo-In-a-Milk-Crate Rocks Your Commute
If you're a bike commuter, you likely already have a spot set up to carry a milk crate, and if you don't, you want one anyway!

Slime Mold Shows Smartest Way to Get from New York to California (Video)
Watching how the slime mold moves could help us build better transportation routes - and many other infrastructure routes - in the future. Plus, it just looks cool.

Shape-Shifting Battery Smooshes To Fit Sizes AA-D
A single nickel hydroxide battery core is wrapped in memory foam so you can simply squish it into whatever battery slot you need.


iPhone App Makes Spotting Birds Easy for Researchers...and Poachers
It's great for bird watchers, but provides maps and directions to locations of where rare birds have been spotted. Smart?

Maker Faire 2010 - Crazy Bike Creations (Pictures)
Oh yes, Maker Faire. Geek heaven... And we were there.


Collapsible Coffee Cart Delivered With Salvaged Bikes
We have shown popup container, railway car and trailer coffee stands, but never anything as minimal as Brooklyn's Kickstand Coffee, where Aaron Davis, Peter Castelein and Neal Olson deliver fine drip coffee from a collapsible stand pulled in on two old bikes.

A Building Shaped Like a.... Nintendo DS?
Photographer Joseph Ford and 3D Artist Antoine Mairot turn tech into buildings, dropping a PS3 into Berlin, a classic NES and our favourite: a solar powered, glass roofed Nintendo DS.


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