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This week on TreeHugger, urinals pop up from sidewalks, solar-powered fish fry quells hunger, students use $100k to build "vibro-wind" and more.

Bonsai Solar Tree Is Back...
...and looking better than ever.

Students Create "Vibro-Wind"
With a $100,000 grant, a group of college kids are creating a panel for collecting wind energy through vibration


iPad + Velcro = Coolest Gadget Ever? ...Ever.
What happens when you put velcro on the back of an iPad? Miracles.

Play "What If" of Gulf Oil Spill with New App
Curious what might happen should a hurricane come up while oil is still a'gushing? New software models results from scenarios you create.

Green Ideas Changing the Globe: a Slideshow
What are the best ideas in sustainability that are having a global impact? We've rounded up the most innovative - which do you think will make the biggest difference?

Will Google's PowerMeter Make Smart Meters Irrelevant?
With Google leapfrogging smart grid technology for something to put in consumers' hands now, are smart meters already obsolete?


Cell Phone Charges With Wind and Sun, Doesn't Matter Since It's Ugly
This design manages to take us back to 1999 cell phone bulk while trying to pull us into 2015 off-grid charging.

Solar-Powered Fish Fry: Extreme Cooking (Video)
No joke.

Pop-Up Pissoir Solves Wee Problem
When you gotta go, this urinal pops up from the sidewalk.


Street Furniture Pops Up When Needed
Not to be outdone by a mere urinal, this street furniture rises up when you need to sit down.

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The wind solar charger basically looks like the HYmini with a cell phone built into it: []