On TreeHugger, a pedal-powered Porsche, a lamp powered by algae and your breath, a coffee table that eats your bills, awesome sculptures made from e-waste, and what to do with your old iPhone.

Incredible Sculptures Created from e-Waste
With artists doing cool stuff like this, there's just no reason for dumping electronics. Check out these pics.


Light Design Uses Wind Power, so Why Is It Called Solarlight?
Please help us solve the mystery...

Will Afghanistan Become the "Saudi Arabia" of Lithium?
What does the "discovery" of lithium in Afghanistan mean for the future of the electric cars, the environment, and Afghanistan? Let's look at a few ways this story could unfold.

Box Designed to Regrow Plants in Deserts Could Save Drought-Stressed California Wineries
The Waterboxx takes a cue from biomimicry to grow seedlings. And it just might make sure you stay stocked up on wine.


Can a Tiny Weatherproof Solar Light Bulb Replace Kerosene Lights?
One small solar lightbulb is looking to be the solution to replace billions of polluting kerosene lamps.

Upgrading to iPhone 4? Gazelle Launches Mobile Site for Selling Your Old iPhone
Gazelle - one of our favorite gadget resell companies - has made it ridiculously easy to upgrade to the iPhone 4, creating a mobile site for customers to set up a trade in right from their old phone.

Coffee Table Doubles as Hand-Cranked Paper Shredder
Pigeontail Design shreds your junk mail or those annoying bill that you want to avoid into attractive colourful strips of shredded paper. It's hand-cranked, too. They call it the Papervore. Check out a video of it chomping away.


Amazing Lamp Powered by Algae, Water, and Your Breath
[Insert bong joke here]

Pedal-Powered Porsche Turning Heads, Very Slowly
Meet the world's most eco-friendly Porsche, the Ferdinand GT3 RSX.

Bicycle Converts to Unicycle, Clown Not Included
Nothing like functional Frankenstein bikes to win our hearts.


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