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This week on TreeHugger, puppy poo powers park lights, bizarre kitchen disigns, pocket-sized fuel cells for your cell phone, Yahoo hires goats, a cathedral built of junk gets torn down after 21 years, and more.

21 Year Old "Cathedral of Junk" Dismantled After Neighbours Complain

In the battle between art and real estate values, we know who always wins.

Digital Design Goes Solar With FabLab at Solar Decathlon Europe

Crazy cool prefab structure brings curves to a whole new level of fancy.

Electrolux Design Competition Finalists are Just Weird This Year

Every year the Electrolux Design Competition introduces some fascinating concepts into the world of food; sometimes they are even green; this year most of them are just bizarre. Perhaps the prize should be a copy of Michael Pollan's Food Rules; these people have never seen a kitchen, and in fact seem anti-food.


San Francisco Rules for Cell Phone Radiation Warnings at Retailers

SF wants to make sure consumers know just how much their cell phone will/won't fry their brains.

Personal Fuel Cell Offers Pocket-Sized Power from Water (Video)

Itty bitty fuel cell to charge up your gadgets on the go.

Transforming DIY Player is Your All-in-One Gadget

With keyboards that swap in and out, the device transforms from cell phone to media player to gaming device and practically anything else you could want when you want it.


What is Yahoo! Doing with Goats?

An internet giant's datacenter might not be the first place where you would expect to find a herd of goats, but if you happen to be at Yahoo!'s datacenter in Quincy, Washington, you could very well meet some very special employees working to clear out invasive weeds.


New Design Turns Dog Poop into Gold- Well, Methane.

Your dog's poo turned into power for park lights?

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