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This week on TreeHugger, Water Wars meets 3D gaming, square LED light bulbs, blue jeans bring us to better solar cells, and Google partners up with small book stores for e-books.

Mobile App Helps Citizens Report on Gulf Oil Spill

Map The Spill has created a mobile app that turns your cell phone into a citizen reporting tool. From photos to videos to field notes, users can keep each other abreast of the latest on what's happening in the gulf, helping to keep everyone informed and mobilized.


Illumitex Wants to Make Your Lightbulbs Square (and More Efficient)

Illumitex is a startup from Texas that thinks it can take advantage of the physical characteristics of light emitting diodes (LEDs) to make a better light than what has been on the market so far. What are they doing differently? Read on to find out.

Blue Jeans Hold Secret To Making Better Solar Cells

Researchers at Cornell University have found a seemingly simple solution to creating more efficient solar cells. It turns out that particular molecules found in blue jeans and some ink dyes can be used in a process for assembling a structure called "covalent organic framework" or COF, which can help create cheaper, flexible solar cells.


Solar-Powered Camera Strap Saves The Day

Designer Weng Jie came up with the solar camera strap, which any outdoor photographer would appreciate.


Will Libraries Turn Into Digital Reading Rooms?

As e-books take over and the e-reader market booms, will libraries start to follow suit? Sony hopes so, with a new program to promote digital reading in libraries.


Desktop Earth Turns Your Computer Into A Gorgeous Globe

A very cool new download puts the whole world right on your desktop and in real time, shows where the sun is rising and setting. Using NASA's Blue Marble Next and Earth's City Lights, the download follows the earth's rotation and can be customized to even follow the way the planet looks as seasons change.


Tesla Electric Roadster v2.5: The iPhone 4 of Electric Cars

Hot on the heels of its quarter-billion dollars IPO, Tesla Motors is opening two new stores in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Newport Beach, California, and unveiling a refreshed version of its all-electric Roadster (version 2.5, for those keeping track). What has changed? Read on for more details and photos.


X-Prize Foundation Announces $10m Prize for Oil Spill Solution

The X-Prize Foundation's mission is to "bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity", and right now, a breakthrough in oil spill cleanup certainly would make the world a better place, so it's no surprise that X-Prize is launching a new $10 million prize for the development of effective oil spill cleanup technologies. Will this be enough to catalyze innovation?


Google and Small Bookstores Forming an Alliance in E-Book Market

A giant like Google moving into the e-book market usually spells disaster for small stores. Independent outlets typically don't stand much of a chance when a huge company decides it wants in on the market. However, when it comes to e-books, the typical story might just be turned on its head — small stores and Google could use one another as an ally when it comes to digital books, a rapidly growing segment of the book market.


Turning Off Electronics Is an Old Green Trick With a New Big Impact

A new study shows that in Great Britain, small changes in energy consumption might make a bigger difference than we thought.


WOW Gets Real - 3D Role Playing Game Models Water Crisis (Video)

Intel Labs developers have ventured into combining 3D gaming with scientific research. In Water Wars, they've modeled an area of the Rio Grande in New Mexico and have created a role playing game that allows residents of that area to participate in different water scenarios.


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