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On TreeHugger, SuperTramp mobile home on your bike, a spiky pay-to-sit-park bench idea for renting resting spots, iPod packaging doubles as a charger, cars run on coffee cups, technology to keep cyclists safe, and more!

Supertramp: Microsized Mobile Living Concept

This bike-as-camper, called Supertramp, "explores the practicality of microsized living and downshifting as urban "flowmads" (another clever invention) take to the streets."


Gorgeous iPhone Game Plants Trees For Top Scores

Want to play a very whimsical game on your iPhone and know that a real tree was planted not only when you bought it but also every time you get a high score? A new game in the iTunes store promises to plant a tree for each download, and even better, the developers are planting 10 trees a day on behalf of the top scorers.

Pay & Sit Park Bench Is A Libertarian Dream

A way to make money off a park bench, this one has spikes sticking up that make seating distinctly uncomfortable. Stick in a coin and the spikes disappear, for a set period of time. Then an alarm warns the sittee that the time is almost up and the spikes rise again.


iPod Packaging Doubles As Charger

The packaging box protects the iPod during shipping, and once it arrives to the consumer, it becomes the charger. A practical way to reduce packaging waste?


Can You Run a Car on Tim Hortons Coffee?

Professors at theUniversity of Manitoba are turning discarded T Ho's coffee cups into biofuel.


Air-Purifying Road Surface Eats 45% of NOx Pollution

Researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have tested pollution-eating concrete on about 1,000 square meters of roads in the town of Hengelo. We already knew it worked in the lab, but this was a real-world test and the results are pretty impressive.


Are Manufacturers or You to Blame For Consumers Passing Over Greener Gadgets?

Whose fault is it we don't buy more green electronics? According to Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), it's up to the manufacturers to play a leading role in getting consumers to make greener choices, and they're pushing companies to step up.


Fish Market App Connects Fishermen to Buyers, Reduce Catch Waste

To help fishermen bring in appropriate catches, Italy's University of Bari has created a "private cloud" application that connects fishermen out on their boats to buyers on shore. Could it be a key to more sustainable fishing?


Ask Pablo: Should I Use a Diesel Generator or Batteries?

In areas where the electric supply is unreliable, a backup source of power can be very important, especially for the refrigeration of vaccines. Generators, running on costly gasoline or diesel, are expensive to operate and contribute to climate change and air pollution. My intuition tells me that batteries would be the better option, but let's explore both sides.


Can Technology Keep Cyclists Safe?

A spate of women cyclists killed on the streets of London has got a lot of people asking questions. Like could technology save us if behavior can't?


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I like the mobile shack on a rickshaw concept. And really the wood stove in the canvas tent isn't a terrible idea. Heavy enough weave won't readily burn (fire blankets are typically made of heavy weave cotton) or can be treated with flame retardant chemicals. I'd also have solar panels and a small generator rigged so I can recharge a battery with the sun or my own pedaling.