Doomsday arks on the moon, switching your house to all-electric, best apps for the oil spill, a microhouse you can build yourself, solar airplane setting a 2-week flight record, and disgusting light switch designs.

Ask Pablo: Why Should I Switch My House Over To All-Electric?

While the payback will not be quick and cost savings are not the objective here, this strategy will reduce your household greenhouse gas emissions and will improve the comfort level within your home.


14 Apps Connecting You to the Gulf Oil Spill

From newsy to comedic to snarky, here are 14 apps for staying up on the latest gulf spill updates, becoming a citizen reporter, or simply grasping the impact of one of the worst ecological disaster in US history.

Urban Nomad Redux: Build and Live in Your Own Microhouse

This replica of a 1960s design was constructed by an art student — check out how you could build it from scratch too.


Folding Table is Inspired By Pop-Up Map of New York

Mocoloco introduces Swedish designers Sanna Lindström and Sigrid Strömgren, who collaborated on the Grand Central Table. It is composed of 22 pieces that unfold like a map and sit on a folding base.

EU Space Agency Wants to Build a Doomsday Ark on the Moon

If you're one of the few survivors on planet Earth after a massive catastrophy, how would you get back all the knowledge lost with the bulk of human population? Hey, what about jotting over to the know-how storage facility on the moon?


The 'Eternal Aircraft' Zephyr Solar Plane Aims for 14 Days in the Air

The Zephyr is well on its way to setting an incredible record, flying on only solar power.

Cheap, Energy-Efficient Robots that Build Houses

(FAB)BOTS are robots or machines that fabricate structures and spatial formations for architecture. Check out this slideshow of prototypes.


Cool-er e-Reader Goes Out of Business, A Sign for the Digital Books Market?

The booming market for e-reader devices is finally starting to balance out with some clear winners and losers.

Creative Energy Conservation with Switches Too Gross to Turn On (Video)

From switches that have little hairs stretch toward your finger as it approaches, to switches that retreat into the wall when you reach for it, these creations will make you think twice about using energy.


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