This week on TreeHugger, Porsche is going electrics, the Autobahn shuts down for a 3 million-person party, how home workers are heading to garden sheds, a giant swimming pool for riverside Manhattan, and more!

German Autobahn Closed for Gigantic Party - 1 Million Cyclists Celebrate

Seriously. A portion of the Autobahn shut down for a party. And over 3 million people with 1 million bikes showed up to boogie.


Will the Workplace Revolution Have You Working in a Shed in Your Backyard?

The garden shed started as a British phenomenon specifically geared toward yard work. But now, a workplace revolution is changing it to a place for all work. Home office? Check out back.

Tiny Transformer Kitchen Occupies Less Than 10 Square Feet When Closed

The challenge in the "1, 2, 3... easy kitchen!" competition asked for designs for a kitchen that occupied less than 1 square meter. The winner managed the task with flair, including a fridge, sink, induction range and oven.


300 Miles in an Electric Wheelchair: Norwegian Couple Protests Rail Restrictions

One Norwegian couple has proven just how far some of these lesser EVs can go-travelling over 300 miles in their electric wheelchairs to prove a point.

Creative Challenge Will Change the Way Urban Dwellers Ride

How do you get non-cyclists onto their bikes? Come up with a more awesome ride than the typical two wheels. Three "former non-bikers" from New York City are getting the momentum going for radical new designs.


Porsche to "Definitely" Offer Electric Sports Cars, According to CEO

Porsche, the German sports car maker, has been experimenting with electrons, starting with hybrids, and now creating three prototypes of battery-electric Boxsters.

Zephyr Solar Plane Lands After Over 2 Weeks (!!!) in the Air, Setting New World Record


Zephyr has finally landed at the US Army's Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona after 14 days and 24 minutes, setting a new record that will no doubt be broken the next time the Zephyr decides to take off

How to Build a DIY Solar Shower (Video)

Dan and Denise Rojas of Green Power Science are clearly at the more Macgyver end of renewable energy, and they teach us how to hack a solar-power shower with black hose-pipe.


Floating Pool Concept Could Clean NYC Waters "Like a Giant Strainer"

A giant floating pool just off the riverside of Manhattan - for swimming and also filters and cleans the water? Why not? That's what a group of designers and architects are proposing in + Pool, a multi-purpose pool and urban revitalization concept that is in the shape of — you guessed it — a plus sign.

Air-Pots, How to Grow Healthy Trees for Replanting in Urban Areas (Video)

Australian horticulturalist Jaime Single invented a reusable pot that let's the roots grow in a non-spiralling root system that is impossible to develop in any other available container, and results in good quality and easy-to-replant trees.


NASA Creates World's First Global Forest Map Using Lasers

And, in case you somehow managed to miss the news last week, Scientists, using three NASA satellites, have created a first-of-its-kind map that details the height of the world's forests. With lasers.

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