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This week on TreeHugger, odor-killing socks, body heat-powered hospitals, an Arizona family turns their pool into a farm, how to turn a phone booth into a library, and more!


Tesla Co-Founder: Electric Cars with 500+ Mile Range by 2020

It's a bold prediction considering that the Tesla Roadster has a range of 244 miles and most other electric cars that are coming soon have a range of around 100 miles; but on the other hand, Mr. Eberhard has been in the industry a while and is in a position to know what's in the pipeline...

Seriously Living With Less: Your Life On A Hard Drive

Can one carry minimalism too far?

Family of Four Grows Their Food in a Swimming Pool

A family living in Mesa, Arizona, has decided to convert an old unused backyard swimming pool into a very productive DIY urban greenhouse, which they named Garden Pool.

Turn a Phone Booth into a Library in Four Easy Steps

Los Angeles-based artist Amy Inouye may be the first person to break the process down into easy-to-follow steps that help answer the pressing questions of aspiring street librarians: Which of the many abandoned phone booths in my neighborhood should I choose?


Oil Spill Clean-Up Concept Uses Recycled Plastic Bottles

Linking up recycled PET plastic bottles to contain oil from the Gulf disaster...could it work?


Military-style "3G Drone" Hunts Down Water Loss

They say that wars will some day be fought over water. In the meantime, a military-inspired flying "3G Drone" is helping pinpoint water loss in Israel.


Worldreader to Boost Literacy in Ghana With Kindle e-Readers

Not only is the idea of bringing Kindles into classrooms growing in the states, but also in developing nations. Worldreader, a non-profit co-founded by VP David Risher, is hoping to boost literacy rates by handing out Kindles.


Antibacterial, Odor-Killing Socks Can Boost Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

Researchers fromDuke University have looked at what might be the environmental impact of silver nanoparticles in a more realistic setting than the laboratory... like daily footwear.


Body Heat for Powering Medical Devices Helps Off-Grid Hospitals

Scientists are experimenting with using body heat from the patients themselves to power medical tools for hospitals with unsteady power supplies.


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