This week on TreeHugger, round-up of top augmented reality apps, robotic plants respond to touch, sending our e-waste to China could be a good thing, and more!

Top 15 Augmented Reality iPhone Apps

The possibilities seem vast for using augmented reality in daily life, and already there are some cool AR apps to try out. While not specifically green, these apps are moving us in the right direction.


Robotic Plants Serve an Altruistic Purpose (Video)

Check out "Plant," an interactive artwork with leaves that respond to human movement.

Creative Recycling: Artist Turns Ink Cartridges Into Sci-Fi Art

Artists do amazing things with garbage, especially old electronic junk.

A Garden Table That Doubles as a Rain Barrel

More and more people are harvesting rainwater in their gardens and a new eco-inspired garden table by Simon Davies can help stylish gardeners do just that.


River-Powered Personal Charger Expands Energy Options for the Outdoorsy

This concept device, called the Vena Microhydro System by designer Danial Hull, bridges a gap in off-grid charging options for the outdoorsy person — particularly rafters.

Voltaic Systems Launches Slick Stand-Alone Solar Chargers

Three new models available, each boasting about four times the charging power of most solar chargers out there on the market.


Fast Track Program for Green Tech Patents Gets Snubbed

The fast track program is already off course for filling up the 3,000 slots.

Mappiness iPhone App Pinpoints Happy Place

UK researchers use iPhones to study where we're happiest

Should We Be Sending Our E-Waste to China? Adam Minter Thinks So (Interview)

No really, it might be good for the planet.

Microscopes Hacked With Cheap Flashlights Offer Improved Healthcare for Impoverished Areas


Standard LED flashlights make fluorescent microscopes for identifying diseases

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