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Geeks Without Borders calls for the help of all golden-hearted geeks, a plant that is dependent on Facebook "Likes" for its survival, Notre Dame hands out iPads to its students instead of textbooks, and more.

Geeks Without Borders Set on Saving Lives With Technology

How one organization will keep those in crisis connected to help — and how you can be part of it.


MIT Creates Self-Assembling Solar Cells That Repair Themselves

MIT researchers believe they've discovered how to use this self-assembly to restore solar cells damaged by the sun.

"Meet Eater" — the Plant That Lives on Social Media

Every time this plant makes a friend on Facebook, an electronic system delivers water and nutrients. No friends, no love? Dead plant. Unhappy Meet Eater.


Is the UK's First Green Cell Phone Rating System Bending the Rules?

The argument is that because a smart phone can take over for multiple other gadgets, they're therefore greener. A valid point, but good enough to call them green over another standard cell phone?


Notre Dame Begins Test Run of iPads With a Paperless Course

The University of Notre Dame is taking the use of e-readers in classrooms seriously, embarking on a one year study of how the devices integrate into classrooms.


HP Competition Winner Has Rooftop Farms, Plugin Units

The HP Skyline 2020 competition "outlined fresh visual imaginations for the skyline discarding preconceived notions" and "allowed students and professionals to partner and elucidate their visions and designs that would change the skyline thereby transforming the city itself."


Urban Arrow: A Reinvented Cargo Bike With An Electric Boost

We have admired Bakfiets, the big Dutch cargo bikes that carry kids around the Netherlands, before; Warren noted that they have a low centre of gravity and are very stable, and probably are a whole lot safer than kids' seats on bikes.


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