This week on TreeHugger, fuel cells powered by rat blood, a bunch of badass bikes, oil rig turned into a SCUBA diver hotel, Avatar 2 filmed at the bottom of the sea, and more!

100-Year-Old Belgian Tree Is World's Most Social Media-Savvy Plant
This is begging for a "You know you're a treehugger if..." joke, the punchline being "if you have a tree as your friend on Facebook." And there is a century-old tree in Belgium that can fit the bill.


Solar Ibex Cooker Is High Tech Version of Low Tech Stove
This particular cooker has a lot of built in technology that can keep your pot boiling all day long.

Researchers Create Fuel Cell Powered by Rat's Blood
French researchers have created a fuel cell powered by rat blood that is more powerful and smaller than current pacemaker batteries.

James Cameron Wants to Film Parts of Avatar 2 at the Bottom of the Sea
Cameron has apparently decided to have at least part of the action take place in Pandora's oceans, and he has commissioned an ultra-deep-sea submarine that can reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench at around 11,000 meters down (36,000 feet) and film with 3D cameras!


Tom Wilson's Awesome DIY Monster Quad Bikes! (Photos)
Tom Wilson sure likes to ride around the Burning Man festival in style! He designs and builds giant quad bikes that are amazingly cool and beautiful.

Collapsible Water Bottle Squishes To 30% Of Original Size
Called Aquatina, its inventor claims that it is the world's first collapsible pocket water bottle.

Old Oil Rig Turned Into Scuba Divers' Dream Hotel
This time, it's for real: The type of project proposed by Morris Architects for the (pre-BP spill) Gulf of Mexico has actually been carried out in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean, where an old oil-drilling rig has been turned into a hotel catering to snorkelers and scuba divers.


Water Tap Kills Goldfish If You Use Too Much Water
In Lu's words, the "Poor Little Fishbowl Sink" offers "an emotional way to persuade consumers to think about saving water, by making consumption tangible."

You Can Sit 12 Different Ways On The Loop Transformer Chair
Imagine what Mel Brooks could do with this; instead of The Twelve Chairs, he just gets one transformer chair that can work twelve different ways. DesignBoom shows Boaz Mendel's Loop Chair can be reassembled as a bar stool, a chaise-longue, a dining chair, any one of 12 different combinations.

Xylophone Bridge: Seoul's Interactive Music-Making Bike Path
The Xylophone Bridge interactively plays music and lights up when riders glide over it.


Bagbike Has Clever Carrier For Urban Cycling
Designboom has been spoonfeeding out the short list in the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010 over the last few weeks. Some have been idiosyncratic and odd, but others, like this Bagbike from Francois Bernard, Sonja Breuninger and Marion Pinaffo makes a lot of sense with the built-in-basket on the frame.

Paper-To-Pencil Machine Repurposes Printed Pages
For all the offices trying to go green by minimizing paper use, there are still those that have a pile of wasted print-outs in the recycling bin. This concept by designers Chengzhu Ruan, Yuanyuan Liu, Xinwei Yuan & Chao Chen takes old office paper and spits out whole pencils.

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