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This week on TreeHugger, go-carts powered by chain saws, bike backpacks ight up with LED messages, an app that uses your phone's camera to detect air pollution, cameras strapped to dive-bombing raptors, and more!

11 Open Source Projects that Make Free Information Rock
The concept of sharing, when extended to information, can do amazing things, from creating fascinating mash-ups of data to explore and extrapolate new ideas to improving our transportation systems. Here are 11 examples of the wonders that can be worked when everyone is included.


Safety First With Awesome LED Bicycle Backpack (Video)
The backpack lights up with messages for traffic behind the cyclist, from turn signals to emergency signals, to thanking drivers for keeping their distance.

My Recycle List iPhone App Streamlines Your Waste Stream
Curious to know exactly what's recyclable and where you can take it? There's an app for that.

Beach Ball Solar Generator Begs The Question, Why??
Sometimes solar power doesn't seem like the brightest idea.

Android App Measures Air Pollution Using Cell Phone's Camera
Researchers at University of Southern California have come up with the Visibility app for Android smartphones, which requires just a quick snapshot of the skyline to tell you whether or not it is safe to inhale.


Strapping Cameras to Birds of Prey = 150 MPH Dives, 10g Turns, Barrel Rolls, etc (Videos)
A couple of great videos filmed by miniature cameras strapped on birds of prey.

Astounding Arches In Pavilion of 33,000 Beer Crates (Photos)
A mind-boggling structure made from 33,000 crates and complete with columns and high-flying arches.


Steam Punk Chandelier From Old Bikes? Yes, Please
Victorian-inspired lighting created from upcycled bike parts has a dark appeal.

Car Arc Concept - a Cool Solar-Powered Carport for Electric Vehicles

The Car Arc seems to be a great solution for new EV owners looking for a carport that not only protects their vehicle, but charges it too.


Dragster Powered By Six Circular Saws Wins Power Tool Drag Race
TreeHugger is a big fan of creative repurposing and reuse, so the idea of a power-tool powered dragster intrigued. Yesterday's big race in Yeovil, Somerset, was won by Bolt Lightning, with 36 horsepower supplied by six gasoline powered circular saws, the type used for concrete cutting.

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