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We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Robot cars that drive themselves, steampunk furniture made from naval mines, a house (and everything in it) made entirely of paper, robotic legs that help paraplegics walk again, and making gadgets more like guts.

Bike Doctor App Empowers Mobile Bike Repair (Video)

Spearheaded by Andreas Kambanis of London Cyclist (one of the worlds most popular cycling blogs), the Bike Doctor App is described as being like having a "pocket bike mechanic" at your disposal.


Google Experiments With Robot Cars that Drive Themselves

So far, Google's self-driving test-cars (mostly modified Prius hybrids equipped with computers, cameras and sensors) have driven 140,000 miles with only 1 accident: One Google car was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light.


10 Futuristic Electric Cars From the Paris Motor Show

All sorts of electric vehicles, charging systems, and battery innovations were on display. Check out these 10 100% electric rides that clearly demonstrate that the future of transportation is a very exciting one.

eLEGS Makes Walking Possible for Paraplegics

Bionic legs offer new mobility for the wheelchair-bound.

TED Talk: Making Gadgets More Like Guts, Skin and Skeletons

What if we designed our electronics to be built like mammalian bodies? Nothing so specialized that it can't be "transplanted" into other gadgets as needed?


Actors Demonstrate How To Save Energy... In a Glass-Walled Shipping Container

Here's a great gig for your typical marginally employed actor: sit in a shipping container all day to demonstrate how to save energy.


Steampunk Worthy Furniture Made From Naval Mines (Photos)

If you're into the steampunk aesthetic, these inventive furniture pieces made out of naval mines may be just the ticket for you.


90-Year-Old Newspaper House Still Standing Strong

Mr. Stenman, an immigrant from Sweden, is credited with inventing a machine that makes paper clips, so it's no wonder that paper came to mind when he decided to build a house.


Landfills To Be Mined For Fuel, Recyclable

In Belgium, Advanced Plasma Power is building a plant at a huge landfill site to mine the garbage, separating out the recyclable materials and converting the rest into synthetic fuel.


EcoSquid Digs Up Best Deals for Reselling Your Cell Phone

It's the of gadget re-sell.

What's the Life Expectency Of Your Home's New Technology

The National Association of Home Builders has released a new study detailing the lifespans of many of our home's electronics. So...about how long can you expect to have that new fridge?


Dr. Steven Chu Answers Questions from Citizens About Energy Conservation (Video)

The Department of Energy (DOE) has asked people to submit questions about energy, and a 15 minutes video of Steven Chu giving his answers has now been posted (see below).


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