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On TreeHugger, the degradation of lithium-ion batteries, a giant igloo made with old fridges (?!), a surprising robotic hand, turning old NiMH batteries into new ones, and a GPS transmitter inside a rhino's horn.

Study Shows How Lithium-Ion Batteries Age & Degrade

Researchers at the Ohio State University have been slicing and dicing old lithium-ion batteries to find out why they degrade on the molecular level. Their discoveries can help eventually make better batteries.


Fridge Igloo Delivers Message: Waste Is The Biggest Resource

This amazing piece of conceptual art sends a message about how wasteful old fridges are. Very cool.


Get a Grip: Robotic Hand Made From Balloon and Coffee Grounds

It is tough picking things up; one has to coordinate fingers and get feedback. It is harder still to make a robotic hand that can master the complexities. We have a tendency build these things in our own image, but it turns out that sometimes simpler is better.


Toyota is Turning Old NiMH Batteries Into New Batteries

Toyota is opening the first recycling plant that can directly turn old hybrid batteries into new hybrid batteries.


GPS Devices Installed in African Rhinos Horns

In addition to their thick, leathery hide and imposing stature, now a group of African rhinos have one more tool to help protect them against poachers — GPS locating devices embedded directly into their horns.


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