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This week on TreeHugger, brilliant hour-glass street lights, inflatable homes, pedal-powered kitchens, disposable e-readers, all the world powered by sand, Russia spending billions on a space trash collector, and so much more.

Clever Bike Lock Can Climb a Light Pole (Video)

Instead of chaining up your ride to an object at ground level, imagine if you had a lock that could hoist it high overhead, safely out of reach from would-be robbers.


LEDs Make Clever Interactive Traffic Light Design Possible

Countdown counters are pretty common for pedestrians, letting them know how much time they have to cross. Drivers could use them too, and might even save a bit of time and energy if they were ready to roll when the light changed.


Pedal Powered Kitchen Center An Idea Whose Time Has Come

John Pavlus at Fast Company calls it "almost genius" and I disagree; it IS Genius.


London Designer Brings Semi-Permanent Inflatable Buildings to Market

Need a spare room, but only for a few months? Want to make your outdoor jacuzzi an indoor one for the winter? Thanks to Airclad, by Inflate, now you can.


Are Disposable eReaders In Our Future?

Normally, EW is placed over glass, but the new breakthrough allows it to be placed over paper. Does that mean one-sheet read-n-toss books?


Wireless Charging Market To Hit $11.8 Billion by 2020

Are you about to see all your cords disappear entirely?

Sahara Solar Breeder Project Would Power World With Sand

Sand as the solution to the world's energy woes? Or, more precisely, silica? The Sahara Solar Breeder Project is a plan by universities in Japan and Algeria to provide 50 percent of the world's electricity by 2050.


Russia Investing $2 Billion in Space Debris Removal

Energia, Russia's space corporation, is planning to build a "pod" that will knock junk out of orbit and back down to earth.


Short Animated Films About Green Stuff (Videos)

Learn the story of everything from coal to electronics to just regular old "stuff."


Chevy Volt Offically Rated at 93 MPGe in Electric Mode by EPA

GM's plug-in hybrid is officially rated at 93 MPG-equivalent in electric mode and 37 MPG in gasoline mode, for a composite number of 60 MPG.


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