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This week on TreeHugger, wasps with solar powered exoskeletons, wind-powered iPhone skins, ovens converted to entertainment systems, Einsteins lost heat-powered fridge design, QLEDs take over TVs and more.


Oriental Hornets Are Literally Solar Powered

While it's true that the vast web of life on this planet is essentially solar powered—without the sun's energy there is no life—new research shows that oriental hornets (Vespa orientalis) go one step beyond, employing special structures on their bodies to trap the sun's rays and turn it directly into energy. Really.

iPhone Skin is Really a Wind-Powered Charger

By using a modified computer fan, the designer was able to charge his phone in 6 hours.
Do Electric Cars Still Suck? Fully Charged vs Cnet UK (Video)

From checking out the Nemesis electric car, to exploring fast electric car charging, Robert Llewellyn has been an enthusiastic and outspoken advocate for electric cars. So when Rory Reid of cnet uk thoroughly trashed EVs, Robert invited him to have it out with him in person. This was the result...

You Are 10% Human. 90% Bacteria. (Video)

I've just come across a video that highlights the astounding role that bacteria play in keeping us alive. But be warned-viewing it made me feel less human, yet I didn't mind one bit.


Quantum Dot Displays May Trump OLEDs for Most Awesome TV Screens

LG has already utilized OLED display technology in a couple television models, though they cost and arm and a leg. Now the company has moved on to explore another option - QLEDs. They could be even more crisp with even lower energy requirements.


E-Waste Investigation Uncovers Problem of Fake "Green" Recyclers

ERI, an electronics recycler that claims to be green isn't quite so eco-friendly. What ERI has done highlights a huge problem for the electronics recycling industry.


World's First Solar-Powered Christmas Tree Lots Pop Up In San Diego

Stellar Solar has provided its Mobile Solar Station to power two San Diego Purdy Farms Christmas Tree lots, helping to run much of the lot on renewable energy, including the lights and the electric chainsaws used to trim the trunks.


Solar Powered "Swater" Concept Collects and Purifies Water In the Desert

The idea is a small basin that collects water and uses solar power to purify what is collected. Could a field of these provide water enough for a village?


Einstein Invented A Fridge That Runs On Heat, Had No Moving Parts

Jennifer Ouellette explains on io9 that Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard developed and patented an absorption fridge from 1928 to 1933, eventually getting 45 separate patents for three different models.


Repurposed Stove Turned Into High Power Entertainment System

Designer Tyler Held creates a hybrid between an old stove and a monster sound system.


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I'm sorry but a screen on a backsplash on a stove is not a good idea. Especially not in America where lots of food is fried.