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This week on TreeHugger, an app that rats out bad drivers to the DMV, an elliptical commuter bike, $980 solar powered pants (yes, pants), hands-on with high-tech LED bulbs, hand-powered table saws, and more!


$1,260 Jacket, $980 Pants Prove Solar Fashion Has A Long Way To Go

Despite the fact that solar cell technology is constantly improving, there seems to be little indication that fashion incorporating those solar cells is improving at all. Example: Silvr Lining's GO Solar Power Collection. Their new line of jackets, vests and cargo pants sport solar panels for charging gadgets while on the go. However, they probably won't do you much good since you likely won't want to leave the house wearing them.

Toshiba's Eco-Friendly Office Copier Prints Erasable Documents

A new copy machine by Toshiba hopes to be the next big thing for paper-conscious offices. It prints documents that can be erased instantly by heating the pages, and the paper can be used up to five times before needing to be recycled. The toner is heat-sensitive, and loses color when warmed up. But what happens if you leave your important documents in the hot car?

Tattle-Tale On Bad Drivers With DriveMeCrazy App

The DriveMeCrazy app encourages drivers to report bad behavior by voicing the offender's license plate into a smartphone, which records the date, time and location of the offense. And that information is shipped off to two places drivers really don't love interacting with. It's a non-violent outlet for road rage that could have ridiculous consequences.


Atmosphere: The Science Museum Opens Amazing Interactive Gallery to Explain Climate Change (Photos)

Recently adjusted to deal with the waves of climate skepticism, the gallery is open in London and TreeHugger was first in line for the Atmosphere experience.


ElliptiGO for City Commuting or Exercise Outdoors

For those who have been searching for just the right option to reduce that falling-off-my-bike-at-every-corner factor in bicycle commuting, or to get the most out of exercise time, ElliptiGO offers an attractive addition to the pallet of people-powered vehicles. On the other hand, if you still have a pair of powerisers in the basement, then think twice before jumping on this year's exer-commuting trend.


Fun with new LED bulbs — Qnuru 6.4W and 9.2W LED Lightbulbs (Product Review)

To paraphrase William Gibson, the future of lighting is here, it's just not evenly distributed. Light-emitting diodes (LED) lightbulbs have been coming on the market in the past few years, but their quality varies greatly, from "almost perfect" to "horrible" (kind of like the early compact fluorescents). I had the opportunity to spend a few days with two LED lightbulbs from Qnuru, and I'd like to share my impressions with you.
Homage To The Humble Kerosene Lantern (Now With LEDs)


Designer Lee Leong Chye of the Little Thoughts Group has designed this homage to the humble kerosene lantern, beautifully made of wood and powered by cranking the pump in and out.

A Hand-Powered Table Saw Offers Electricity-Free Precision (Video)

The Jointmaker Pro Saw is a completely electricity-free cutting tool that supposedly provides the accuracy of a table saw with none of the noise, along with a greatly reduced risk of injury.


New Report Judges Video Game Consoles on Energy Consumption; Wii Comes Out on Top

If you're looking into getting a new video game console this holiday season, here's one more criterion to take into consideration: energy consumption. The Electric Power Research Institute this week released a report comparing the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3.


A software program called i-Treehelps to save urban trees by pinpointing their value. Created by the US Forest Service, the program hammers out cost-benefit calculations to quantify the contribution trees make in urban environments.


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Man does that DriveMeCrazy app sound like a bad idea. As much as I'd like to have it for myself (because I, of course...would NEVER...misuse it), you just know that in no time folks will be filing "reports" on people they simply don't like and/or playing practical jokes without regard for the possible ramifications.