This week on TreeHugger, stoves you could have sex in front of, self-cleaning fridges that rotate your food for you, talking back to your transit authority, and mommies review electric cars.

Self-Cleaning Fridge Concept Makes Meals, Saves Money

At first, the full-size touch screens look like energy wasters and the whole thing seems like an ugly addition to your kitchen. However, looking a little more closely, this fridge could actually be a solution for shrinking your overall environmental footprint.


Awesome Clocks Made From Turntables, Apple Computers, Bikes and More

PixelThis is an artist who builds beautiful and funky clocks made from all sorts of recycled things — record players, computer parts, even bike wheels.

Camp In Your Kitchen With The Pila Kitchenset

The set includes a mixing bowl, a colander, measuring cup, wooden bowl that turns over into a cutting board, and a plate. All you need, really, for food preparation.


Help co-design a more sustainable mobile telecom industry (Video) r

Enviu, the Dutch innovators behind the sustainable dancefloor, the Hybrid Tuk Tuk project and the Open Source House competition, has just launched the online community Our Mobile Generation to design phones with the poeple for the people, and the environment.

Bullerjan Stove "Designed By Canadian Lumberjacks"

While trying to think of what would make a TreeHugger post go completely viral, I come up with green sex in front of a wood or pellet stove in a shipping container or treehouse. And this might be the stove, the Bullerjan.


An Ambitious Project Looks to Fix Urban America through Crowd Sourcing

Over the last few weeks, Chicagoans have been asked a simple question: "What would encourage you to walk, bike and take CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) more often?" Ads posing the question in buses, subways and public spaces invite the city's residents to respond with their ideas, via text message. How might you respond if your transit agency asked you this question? Leave us a comment.

Zephyr Solar Plane's 3 World Records Confirmed!

Last summer, we wrote about the Zephyr solar plane's attempt and success at breaking world records for longest flight, but until now it wasn't truly official. But the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) dotted the i's and crossed the t's, and the QinetiQteam now holds 3 world records.


Is the Nissan LEAF a Good Car for Families With Young Children? (Video Review)

This review by the friendly folks at Busy Mommy Media should help you make a decision. They fill the backseat with three child safety seats, put a stroller in the trunk, etc.

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