This week on TreeHugger, the greener side of CES coverage, a video autopsy of a Tesla Model S, a giant bridge built for pedestrians and cyclists, potted plants double as bike helmets, and more.

CES 2011: What Does Energy Efficiency Mean for Electronics Innovation?

Gadget lovers flocked to CES last week, and so did we — to cover the greener side of the show. Including what role energy efficiency will play in the future of our electronics.


CES 2011: Solar-Powered iPhone Skins and Robot-Like Roadside Lights from Eton

Some of the stuff we loved included solar powered gadgets like the upcoming iPhone skin from Eton.

Highlights from CES 2011

For a lot more coverage of the greener side of CES, check out highlights from our coverage.


Portland is Building a 700-Foot Bridge for Pedestrians and Cyclists

The City of Portland is working to build a new bike and pedestrian bridge over I-5 to connect the historic Lair Hill neighborhood with the South Waterfront District.

Video Autopsy of a Tesla Model S Electric Car

Tesla's Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, Peter Rawlinson, gives us a video tour of the alpha version of Tesla's next car, the Model S electric sedan. Rawlinson's hypnotic voice is worth the price of admission alone, but anybody who's interested by EV engineering and technology should check out these three videos.


Inmates in UK Prison Repair Bikes and Donate Them To African Schoolchildren

Inmates at Gloucester prison in the UK are spending some of their free time (and you have a lot of that in prison) repairing donated bikes which are then shipped by Jole Riderto a partner organisation in Gambia, Africa. Once there, the bikes can change kids lives by allowing them to get to school.

Knog Boomer Bike Light Recharges in Your USB Port

Continuing our recent exploration of newish bike lights (see links below), we turn our attention to the Knog Boomer Rechargeable.


Potted Plant Helmets Hit the Streets of Indonesia (Video)

When it comes to our increasingly crowded city streets, where trucks and cars and bikes clamor and jockey for a spot, it seems there's hardly room anymore for a little green to soak up all that CO2. But, thanks to two artists in Indonesia, finding space for flora just got a bit easier with these literally living bike helmets that are sure to turn a few heads — turn them into potted plants, that is.

Recycled Sidewalks Make Cool But Scary Traffic Medians (Photos)

At New York City's Queens Plaza, where seven subway lines meet under the foot of the Queensboro Bridge, there are some new, very interesting traffic medians. Just a facet of a $75 million project to reorganize, beautify, and make sustainable the heavily trafficked area, the medians are made from sidewalks that have been demolished in the course of construction. They're unique and, likely a first for traffic medians, quite cool.