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Cockroach legs inspire robot limbs, the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, a gram of bacteria stores 900 TB of data, floating bike highways, robots patrol our power lines, the Sahara Desert gets a forest, and more.

E. Coli Bacteria Could Become Our Next Computer Hard Drives

Researchers have figured out that data can be stored in bacteria, and that a single gram of bacteria can store more information than a giant 900 terabyte hard drive!


Cockroach Legs Inspire Robotic Hand's Grip Action

Cockroaches have been an inspiration in many ways to scientists working in the field of biomimicry, and the latest example of that inspiration is displayed in the grip of a mechanical hand, which mimics the flexible, spring-like movement and dexterity of cockroach legs.

London's Bike Superhighways Bring 70% Increase in Cycling

According to the findings in study by Transport for London, there were 70% more cyclists out on the streets of London in October of 2010 than there were the previous year. Could some blue paint make that much of a difference?


What It's Like to Ride the Fastest Train in the World (Videos)

As of early last year, China boasts one of the fastest bullet trains in the world. The train between Guangzhou and Wuhan goes 620 miles (1000 km) in three hours. And the fastest train in the US?


Floating Bike Path Is One Response To Rising Waters

What happens when rising waters cover your cycling infrastructure? The Water Architect, Bart van Bueren proposes floating bike lanes. The architect submitted it to a competition called "nipped in the bud - New Bike paths."


Incredible Sahara Forest Project Moves From Concept To Reality With Major Development Deal

There's great news for sustainable design innovation this week as the Sahara Forest Project gets backing from a development deal between Norway and Jordan. After years of hard work and persistence from the collaborative Sahara Forest Project team, this large scale concept is going to become a big reality. Here is the new vision...


Robots to Replace People for Patrolling Power Lines

Robots could soon be ziplining across back-country power lines. Electric Power Research Institute, a non-profit utility consortium, has come up with a robot that can patrol power lines in remote places like forests and deserts, places where sending people out can be tedious and expensive.


Detroit Auto Show Exclusive: What's New and Green For 2011 (Slideshow)

This week, we went to Detroit for an exclusive look at the new cars for 2011 at the Detroit Auto Show. There was some greenwashing, and some real progress — find it all in our slideshow.


Mobile Phones and Mapping Are Next Big Tools for Water Sector

We know that smart meters for water supplies will help us avoid a water crisis — New York City and California are already testing out this new technology — but there are other, cheaper technologies that can help too: cell phones and maps.


New International Sustainability Standard for Cell Phones On Its Way

Considering we have some 5 billion cell phones on the planet right now, with more rolling off the manufacturing belts every day, and that they're used in nearly every corner of the world, holding electronics manufacturers to certain sustainability standards is an important step forward. And UL Environment is getting the ball rolling.


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