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Twelve post-apocolyptic cities of our future, candy houses are actually green, hacking laptops into digital picture frames, questioning if "green" hard drives matter, if flat-pack schools go too far, and more.


Solaris Watch Concept Brings Solar Power to High End Fashion

Designer Olivier Demangel has come up with a watch most any tech geek would drool over.
12 Post-Apocalypse Floating Cities and Homes: From Crazy Concepts to Reality

What will our floating cities look like? Here's a tour of current concepts and ideas, from the craziest to the possible to the existing projects.

How To Build A Toaster From Scratch: The TED Talk

Thomas Thwaite built a toaster from scratch, and here's the video.

Flatpack Schools Will be the Future in the UK

TreeHugger loves flatpack construction: it's easy to ship, easy to assemble and generally pretty efficient. Ikea has raised it to an artform in their furniture. But what about in schools? Is that a step too far?

Passive, Candy "Egg" Houses Are 90% Recyclable

It would be like Easter every morning if you lived in one of these candy-colored egg houses, designed by Roberto Casati and a group of Tuscan engineers.


Power Drill Or Hand Drill, Which Is Better?

Finding the perfect hand replacement for the rechargeable drill is a practical and sustainable consumer affliction.…


Light emitting diode (LED) lights could very well be the answer we've been looking for — read on for what we think about GE's latest version.

Hack An Old Laptop Into a Digital Picture Frame

Craftster Erik Pettersson came up with a cool idea for repurposing his old laptop — he turned it in to a digital picture frame with just a few adjustments and a frame from Ikea.


Do "Green" Hard Drives Make a Difference?

The cool people at Ars Technica have a piece about 'green' hard drive. They look at the energy usage of regular models vs 'green' models to see how much energy would be saved by going that route.


Fancy Solar Cooker Concept a Possible Solution For Off-Grid Communities

Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo have created the Hot Liner, a flexible solar panel that can be formed into a cooking surface.


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why would I want a replacement for a rechargeable drill? Are not electric cars all the green rage? What's the difference between an electric car and an rechargeable drill? A bigger battery?