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This week on TreeHugger, solar powered cell phones, futuristic houses for Apple-minimalist-zero-clutter-loving people, carnivorous clocks, bikes for the elderly and more.


Carnivorous Clock Takes a Bite Out of Bugs While Telling Time

Designers and inventors James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau have explored the idea of autonomous robots, and come up with the Carnivorous Clock, which uses fly paper to trap, and eat, insects to keep the clock ticking. Check out a video of the design.

Power Down, Unwind on the National Day of Unplugging, March 4-5

Does the very idea make you twitchy? Fear not — there's some wiggle room.

A Space-Age Apartment For a Couple That Sees Clutter as a Sin

It's for the Apple-loving minimalists among us.

An Indoor Mini-Oasis for Harried Office Workers

It won't quite replace the feeling of lying on the grass underneath a big shade tree, but office workers and others needing a respite in the middle of the day would likely welcome a Swedish design firm's concept for a "green island" that brings a bit of the great outdoors inside.

How Solar Power Can Help Your Home Sell Faster

Will putting some panels on your roof boost up your selling price?

Latest In Solar Powered Cell Phones: The Umeox Apollo

There are two models, including one that will work in Europe and most of Asia.

Are Americans Hoarding Incandescent Bulbs?

According to USA Today, some are. One woman in Marietta, Ohio says , "I have stocked up on enough incandescent bulbs to last for the next 50 years." Another said that "she squirreled away about three dozen incandescents, so "I will be able to read in bed without squinting." But there are alternatives if you don't like compact fluorescents.


Bikes for Boomers? Panasonic's Electric Bike for "Elderlies"

Anyone could ride this. It's designed so that older people can maintain their mobility and get themselves to market.


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