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This week on TreeHugger, nuclear-powered cars, portable blow-up bubble houses, apple solar-powered chargers, transformer trench coats, plush polar bears doubling as energy detectives, and more.


Color-Changing Polar Bear Doubles as Power Monitor

The plush toy would communicate with the home's electricity meter, and glow various colors based on the energy use. The pinker it gets, the worse the house is doing on conservation efforts.


Apple Solar Charger for iPhones...with Removable Leaves!

This whimsical design by Greendixlooks really fun and useful. It is geared toward iPhones and so is of course a white apple, but with lovely solar-powered leaves.

For Old Wine Bottles, a New Life: Works of Art from Reblown Glass

Something melty and psychedelic to do with all those wine bottles you have piling up in the corner.


Cool Cardboard Table Inspired by Moorish Design

Made from cardboard, yet keeps its fancy flair.

Trench Coat Transforms Into Tent

What's not to like; it is more of a bivy sack than a tent, but a lot of people camp like that.


Love the Treading Lightly, Portability And Size, But Is The Bubbletree Green?

Are portable blow-up houses really all that great?

Almost Genius: A Rain-Gathering Farm House for Migrant Workers

Speaking of portable housing...

Meet the Meguru, the Electric Rickshaw

Called the "Meguru," it's a spin on the traditionally man-powered vehicle that first appeared in Japan at the end of the 19th century and that has since spread around the world.


Nuclear-Powered Car and Other Dead Ends in Futuristic Auto Design

With perfect hindsight, we see that the Ford Nucleon was not just a few years from an assembly line, but would remain a footnote in history, alongside so many other totally cool concept cars.


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the trenchcoat-tent seems like the perfect accessory for homeless exhibitionists.