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This week on TreeHugger, cardboard USBs, Smart EVs that recharge in 45 minutes, Star Wars AT-ATs made from recycled computers, kite-powered cars crossing deserts, parasite flies inspire better antennas, and more!


Submarine-Boat Hybrid Goes All-Electric for Greener Get-Aways

The Ego is a "compact semi-submarine" from Raonhaje, which works as both a motor boat and a two-seater submarine. Bask in the sun above, watch the fish below. And the best part? It's all electric. Check out images and a video.


NYC Metro + Hydrogen Powered Building = Capital of Hydrogen Revolution?

New York City is known for lots of things - but hydrogen is not one of them...until now. Since 2005, some of the most innovative and largest buildings powered by hydrogen have been built in the area.

Cardboard USB Sticks! Are these disposable USB flash drives a green option? (Photos)

Very low-cost (although not on the market yet), you can personalise it simply by scribbling on the cardboard, tear one off and hand it out without thinking twice to anyone you just met and might not see again. Sounds good but there's a but...
Smart Forspeed Concept EV Gets 85 Miles Per Charge, Recharges in 45 Minutes


Do you remember the Smart fortwo? That adorable tiny clown car that's perfect for electric car lovers? We haven't heard a whole lot about it lately, though it's no matter because now Daimler's minicar maker is unveiling out a concept car called Smart forspeed. And it is every bit as adorable.

Just What We Needed Dept: The Radio Toaster

We are big on convergence, on single devices that do multi-tasking. We often make fun of what the Unclutterer calls uni-taskers, silly appliances that do one silly thing that nobody needs.


Parasitic Fly Helps Revolutionize Antenna Technology

Some insect antennae are so powerful, engineers haven't yet been able to come close to mimicking nature. Yet a minute fly — with minute antenna — is about to change that, and help revolutionize how we built these structures.
Kite-Powered Electric Car Crosses Australia Using Only $15 Worth of Electricity


The Wind Explorer—a kite-assisted lightweight electric car—drove 3,107 miles across Australia in 18 days using only $15 worth of electricity. As if that wasn't amazing enough, they journey set three world records: the first continental crossing by a wind-powered vehicle, the longest distance covered by a wind powered vehicle, and the longest distance covered by such vehicle in 36 hours!
Celebrities Tell Facebook to Ditch Coal (Video)

Greenpeace wants Facebook to publicly commit to 100% renewable energy for the thousands of servers that will keep hundreds of millions of people connected and playing Farmville. And now, the company is getting celebrities on its side, starting with this video message...


For Star Wars Fans, Recycled Computer Parts Turned Into AT-AT Imperial Walker

Creative craftster Sage Werbock has come up with a clever idea for recycling old computer parts and providing Star Wars fans something to lust over. It's an 18-inch tall, 15 lb At-At made from floppy drive housing, power supply boxes, power cords and other scrap metal.


Headphone Tech Helps Boosts MPG In Cars

Can technology used in headphones really improve gas mileage? GMC's Terrain crossover is proving that yes, it can — or at least, it improves the experience of getting more miles per gallon.


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