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This week on TreeHugger, iPhone app helps you find free charging stations for EVs, an argument against getting the iPad 2, demanding on-demand escalators, and more.
PlugShare iPhone App Shows You Where To Charge Your EV, Keeps Range Anxiety in Check


A new app called PlugShare for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is making it a whole lot easier to find convenient — and Free — places to recharge your electric vehicle.
On-Demand Escalators Can Cut Energy Use By Up To 52% (Video)

escalators that run only when needed can save a shocking amount of electricity.

Apple iPad 2 Comes In Black and White, But Not Green

If there were ever a gadget that emits a haloed "Planned Obsolescence" in bright neon letters, it's the iPad. Here's why.


PowerTrekk Hydrogen Fuel Cell Charges iPhones, etc

Unlike solar chargers, the lightweight (240 grams or 8.5 oz) PowerTrekk is not reliant on hours spent lazing about in the sun, it's ready to go as soon as you turn it on.
Surfboards Made From Ocean Trash, Including Plastic Bags, Bottles and Glass

When surfer and founder of Spirare Surfboards Kevin Cunningham was distressed by the trash washing up on the beaches where he rides, he didn't just decide to do somethingabout the debris, he decided to do something with the debris.
San Francisco Using Facebook To Fix Potholes and Broken Sidewalks

Does this mean we get to "friend" potholes?

Nutmobile Travels to Green Spaces

The goofy looking Nutmobile is headed to New Orleans on a 16-city tour through summer to show off its green features, including a wind turbine, solar panels and reclaimed wood floors from a 19th century Pennsylvania barn.


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So...the it a cat-powered-iPad?

If so, equal doses of "awesome" and "awwwwww".