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This week on TreeHugger, we name the 6 personality types of gadget owners, iPods that can be charged with our heartbeats, using Kinect for way cool teleconferencing, crazy benches made from Muni cards and more!

iPods Powered With Our Heartbeat Within 5 Years? Scientists Say Yes.

Jogging with your iPod just got a whole lot more interesting.

Kinect Used For Making Teleconferencing WAY More Awesome (Video)

... including changing the setting the speaker is sitting in and even using augmented reality.


The 6 Personality Types of Gadget Owners — Which Are You?

From hoarders to minimalists, we celebrate geeks and non-geeks alike.

Take a Seat on a Bench Made from 5,000 Recycled Metrocards

That's a lot of subway rides!

New Survey Shows Electronics Hampering Progress for Energy Efficient Homes

Utility bill getting you down? Could be your gadget lust...

Brilliantly Simple: A Chic Coat Rack That Hangs An Entire Wardrobe

Who knew giant chopsticks could do so much.

Solio's New Bolt Solar Charger Packs Power In A Tiny Package

You can even prop it up with a pencil.

SciSpy iPhone App Turns Citizen Science Into Neighborhood Adventure Hunt

You know you want to figure out what on Earth that bug that crawled into your kitchen really is...

Most Energy Efficient Web Browser? Microsoft Claims Internet Explorer 9 Is Best

But will anyone use it?

New York E-Waste Recycling Law Goes Into Effect

New York gadgeteers — listen up! This is for you.

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