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This week on TreeHugger, penguins guide underwater glider robots, Richard Branson is at it again with cool submarines, Kinect is hacked for cooler teleconferencing, open-source barcode scanners created to track zebras, and more!

Penguins Used To Guide Underwater Robots

Like a robot entourage...

Breakthrough in the Lab Could Mean Batteries that Charge in Minutes

Making electrodes with foams could give us way better batteries.

Cleaning Up Oil Spills With a Swarm of Autonomous Sailboats

An army of oil-cleaning sailboats - and they look awesome.

Where Will Debris from Japan's Tsunami Go? See Where Ocean Flows Are Carrying It

You'll be surprised at what ends up where. Also, Send Your Message of Support to Japan (Auto-Translated!)


Crowd-Sourced Barcode Scanner Created For Identifying Zebras

Scanning them instead of tagging them!

Sir Richard Branson's Deep-Sea Submarine to Explore Ocean's Unknown Depths

This guy does the coolest stuff...
Great Video Tribute to NASA's 13-Year-Old Color-Sensing Satellite

You may be surprised at how much this one satellite changed the way we view Earth from space.

iPhone App Makes Swapping Your Stuff Super Simple

Scan it with your phone, and swap it for something you'll actually use.

Revolutionary System for Reading Uses Optical Scanners, Is Battery-Free (Video)

The ultimate gadget.

Kinect Used For Making Teleconferencing WAY More Awesome (Video)

Now *this* is how teleconferencing should be done.

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