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A hacked trumpet becomes beautiful iPhone speakers, printable batteries store 40% more energy, new apps for Android users, chip breakthrough allows for instant gadget upgrades, a better way to shop Craigslist with one click, and more!


Hark! iPhone Speakers with Amazing Sound Made from Broken Trumpets

Not only does it look amazing, but it sounds amazing too — and with no cords or batteries.

IBM Smart Phone App Predicts Traffic So You Avoid Jams

It learns your driving routes, and tells you how to get there before you even leave the house.

Researchers Create Printed Battery That Stores 40% More Energy

The technology is similar to that of printed solar cells.

Announcing TreeHugger Android App, Part of Sprint's Green ID Package

A well-rounded suite of apps for Android users with a green edge.

Reprogrammable Chip Breakthrough Could Mean Instant Gadget Hardware Upgrades

Your TV could upgrade its hardware as easily as your cell phone currently upgrades its software.


CraigsEasy Is An Awesome Way to Search for Stuff on Craigslist

A badass way to shop Craigslist.

Self-Powered Lifeplayer MP3 Brings Education to Rural Communities

Could this be the iPod of development?

95% Data-Center Cooling Energy Reduction Thanks to Fluid-Submerged Servers

It results in 50% reduction of energy consumption, all by taking a dip.

One In Three US Citizens Live 50 Miles Or Less From A Nuclear Reactor

This stat isn't all that's freaky about this article!

Costco to Sell Home Solar Panel Kits

You can now DIY your solar array in bulk!

Ode To My Flip Camera

A little tribute to the deceased camera.

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