EcoModo - The Best of TreeHugger

This week on TreeHugger, make your own gadgets with modular magnetic tiles, books hacked into iPad covers, a flexible laptop uses solar cells as a cover, a soft and fuzzy computer mouse you can't resist, and more!

1. Ingenious B-Squares Let You Create Your Own Modular Electronic Devices (Video) — Create your own gadgets with these little magnetic tiles.


2. PaperPhone Is Most Durable Smart Phone Ever, Made of Bendable E-Paper (Video) — A bendable cell phone could change the way we make calls, send texts.

3. Toyota Prius Hacked Into Energy-Generating Roller Coaster (Video) — Toyota asked people to hack the Prius into something new. This takes the cake.

4. Rookcase: Recycled Books Transformed Into iPad & Kindle Cases — It's like peanut butter and jelly for book-y gadget geeks.

5. Zipcar Releases Android App (Get It While It's Still Hot) — Zipcar is released a public beta of an Android app that will make finding and reserving a Zipcar much easier.


6. Felt Computer Mouse Molds to Your Hand, Leaves Toxic Plastic Behind — Now, this is a mouse anyone could love.

7. Futuristic Laptop Concept Features Solar Panel Cover, Charger — A flexible, foldable laptop design uses every corner of the imagination.


8. Interactive Window Display Turns Storefront into Vast Grassland (Video) — How a design team turns a 5 meter window into a 100 sq mi prairie.

9. No Longer Used for Evil, Oil Barrels Remade into Sweet Cabinets — Taking barrels that are no longer leak proof from the Hamburg harbor, Lockengeloet opens them up, installs shelves, and delivers a striking and original design.


10. Adhocism in Action: Shopping Cart Is Repurposed Into Lounge Chair It's much better than crunching up inside and having your friend push you down a hill.

11.A Wine Rack for Your Bike Made From Scrapyard Metal and Chemical-Free Leather — This is awesome, but begging for some hipster jokes.


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