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This week on TreeHugger, creepy cool steampunk-style insect sculptures, an 18-foot truck turns into mobile greenhouse, a bike stand doubles as your desk, a website connects you to neighborhood kitchens for homemade take-out, and more!


1. Steampunk Style Insect Sculptures Are Beautifully Strange (Pics) Artist and maker Tom Hardwidge has an incredible talent for building bugs. His sculptures of insects use a Steampunk aesthetic to bring his critters to life, and they're both gorgeous and a little bit creepy.

2. Hollow-Framed Chair Lets You Customize Your Seating If you want a chair that is truly personalized, but don't have the skill or the energy to make your own, I present to you the Comfy Cargo Chair. German designer Stephan Schulz gives you a steel framework, and lets you do the rest.


3. Best of Show at ICFF Design Conference: The Wästberg Durapulp Lamp DuraPulp lamp combines the strength of the material with a folded origami-like form that gives it rigidity — it looks both modern and DIY.

4. Converted Diesel Truck To Be Greenhouse on Wheels for School Kids An old 18-foot truck is about to become a valuable resource for school children learning about sustainable gardening, thanks to two entrepreneurs from New York who are converting it into a mobile greenhouse

5. Light Switch-as-a-Planter Concept Brings Nature Indoors Would you like to turn your light switch and outlets into little wall-mounted planters?

6. Minimalist Table Doubles as a Bike Stand It is one thing to be comfortable and have a coffee, but imagine if you could actually pedal and get a workout while you work.


7. Solar Plane Makes First International Flight While Streaming Live Video Thanks to favorable weather, the SolarImpulse solar-powered plane is attempting the first international flight powered by only the sun.

8. "Gobble" Helps You Order Take-Out From Your Neighbors' Kitchens This start-up has raised $1.2 million to get its website going, which connects you to the best cookis in your neighborhood for home-made take-out.


9. "Fukushima Plate" Tells You If Your Sushi Is Radioactive Designer Nils Ferber has come up with a concept design that would put diners at ease — a plate that glows as it detects radiation in your food.

10. Zipcar Releases Android App (Get It While It's Still Hot) Zipcar has released a public beta of an Android app that will make finding and reserving a Zipcar much easier.


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