This week on TreeHugger, we cover Maker Faire Bay Area from modular electric guitars to wooden suit ties, chekc out crazy ass bike helmets, amphibious houses, robots and more.

Maker Faire!!

Trash Amp Turns Junk Into "Ridiculously Loud" Speakers

Trash Amp is transforming everything from soda cans to Chinese take-out boxes into speakers for your music.


Ponoko, Autodesk and TechShop Partnership Is a DIYers Paradise

Design, and see built, anything you can possibly dream up.

Wooden Ties Make A Solid Fashion Statement

You'd most definitely be the talk of the office if you came to work wearing one.

Modular Guitars by Praxis Turn Just About Anything Into a New Guitar

Not only do they look interesting, but the design is amazing — made to be modular with swappable parts, you can turn just about anything, even old books, into a new guitar.


9 Cool Concept Helmets that are the Future of Biking

From inflatable collars to flat-folding helmets, to helmets made of potted plants and those offering alternative energy, to stylish head protectors and Bluetooth-enabled coverings, see what the future of bike helmets could hold.

100% Wooden Bike Primed to Set Land Speed Record

The bike is made completely from wood; no screws, bolts, metal, plastic or rubber. Just wood, and most of it reclaimed!


New Robot Can Speed Toxics Evaluations, End Animal Testing

Tox21 is a new robot that could change the way we evaluate toxicity in chemicals, radically speeding up the process and perhaps even end animal testing.

Streamflow iPhone App: Mobile Monitoring of Streams and Rivers

Streamflow displays real-time stream heights and flow data read from U.S. Geological Survey river gaging sites tracking 9,935 water flow and discharge sites.


A Machine Encourages Kids to Recycle With Candy Bribes

So, how can you get your kids to recycle? Bribery, of course!

Amphibious House Design Goes With The Flow, Rises With Floods

Thai architect Chuta Sinthuphan's projects shown in TreeHugger are usually made of shipping containers and address the issue of housing cost, but his latest, designed for the Thai government, looks a different problem: flooding.


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