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This week on TreeHugger, DIY battery projects, a cabinet made of 80,000 bamboo skewers, a hotel with tube-ular views, new super-sand cleans water, t-shirts that use sound to charge phones, and more!


1. 80,000 Bamboo Skewers Protect a Hedgehog-Like Cabinet
The "Magistral Cabinet" is an imposing piece of furniture covered by 80,000 bamboo skewers.

2. The Four Best Electricity-Free iPhone Speakers : TreeHugger
It's clear you love electricity-free speakers, so here are a few of the best designs we've seen so far.

3. Keep Rechargeable Batteries Longer with DIY Battery Reconditioner
One of the most annoying things about rechargeable batteries is their short lifespan, but a cool DIY project could help you save money and keep those AAs longer.

4. Sound-Charged Shirt from Orange Powers Cell Phones
The mobile phone provider Orange UK, in conjunction with renewable energy experts at GotWind, has created the very first t-shirt that can charge small mobile devices via the use of sound.

5. Less is More: Dishwasher Is Integrated Into Sink
Here is a great idea for small spaces and perhaps even a LifeEdited: a dishwasher integrated with the kitchen sink.

6. Tubohotel: Concrete Tubing Recycled Into Affordable, "All Tube" Hotel
Located less than an hour away from Mexico City, Tepoztlan's Tubohotel is an affordable hotel that uses recycled concrete tubing for its rooms.


7. A Giant, Man-Made Island Could Act as a Battery for Wind Power
The idea was announced last year, and the Danish researcher at Riso DTU notes that the concept is still under development. But it's still very much that: a concept.

8. First Digital-Only Textbook for Kids Makes Its Way to Classrooms
K-12 classrooms are now getting more play from publishers. McGraw-Hill launched its first digital-only texbook on Monday.


9. Zurich Buses Outfitted with Air Quality Sensors for Mobile Monitoring
Researchers have started OpenSense, a project that will test out if using the existing infrastructures of public transportation and mobile phone networks could be a smart solution for monitoring pollution.

10. "Super Sand" Cleans Dirty Drinking Water with Graphite Waste
A team of researchers has come up with a possible solution for cheap clean water using "super sand," or sand coated in an oxide of graphite.



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