Editorial for iOS: A Better, Automated Way to Edit Text on Your iPad

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Editing text on your iPad is never exactly an ideal situation, but if for whatever reason, you absolutely must, you might as well make the process as automated and painless as possible. That's what Editorial hopes to do.


What does it do?

All the basic things you'd want from a text editor (like, you know, the ability to edit text), but with a whole host of scripting and automation tools that take care of a lot of the busy work and save you time in the process. You can either use some of the pre-installed workflow automations—allowing links, often used phrases, dates, and footnotes, just to name a few, or you can create your own custom workflow. There's even support for custom operations using a Python interpreter.

Why do we like it?

It really cannot be emphasized enough—working with text editors on any tablet generally blows. And while Editorial isn't exactly a simple app, once you have it set up to your liking, it does make the entire process a far more palatable one. But the UI is wonderfully intuitive, so mastering the small learning curve really doesn't require too much effort, just a little patience.

Editorial, Download this app for: iOS; $5

The Best: Text editing automation

The Worst: Takes a bit of time to get the hang of



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