Eliza Dushku Stars In a Web Series About Developing A Cure For War

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In the pilot for the web series The Gable 5, James Morrison plays a neuroscientist looking to create a cure for war. But he'll need test subjects—and that's naturally where Eliza Dushku comes in.

Kevin Tancharoen—who was behind the web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy—co-wrote and directed the pilot, which could become a full web series on Machinima if it attracts enough interest. There are shades of Dollhouse in this pilot, with the test subjects being forced into false experiences, but it doesn't look like The Gable 5 is taking itself too seriously. The premise requires a heavy suspension of disbelief, but the focus seems largely on the action and the motives behind making the anti-war drug. And Dushku is certainly at her best when she's in the heat of battle.


[via The Mary Sue]