End Of an Era: Panasonic Kills Off Technics Turntables

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If you've ever been a DJ, known a DJ, or listened to a DJ, there's a good chance you're familiar with Technics. Panasonic's analog turntables are legend among scratchers and spinners. And now they're gone. UPDATED:

Panny made the announcement that they'd cease Technic SL-1200MK6 turntable production because of "a decline in demand for these analog products and also the growing difficulty of procuring key analog components necessary to sustain production." In a word: obsolescence.


3.5 million SL-1200 turntables sold since 1972. Countless audio mixers and stereo headphones that also bear the Technics name. But with sales of analog decks being just 5% of what they were 10 years ago, Panasonic's finally pulled the plug on a classic.

What made Technics so good? A reliable Direct Drive turning mechanism. A heavy, rock-solid 27 pound base. And three decades of tradition.

It's not that Technics are the only analog turntables in the world. It that they were the analog turntables. And now, like any other technology that gets eclipsed, they're antiques, collectibles, curios for fanatics. Lets hope anyone who's got one keeps it well preserved.

UPDATE: Panasonic is in fact ceasing production of the SL-1200MK6 model specifically, while other Technics turntable models will live on. Phew! Sincere apologies for the misunderstanding. [Tokyo Reporter]


Dj Orphic

Are you for real?

Discontinue the best line of turntables in the history of the Dj?

I am really just speechless right now.

When I first started mixing 9 years ago it was only Vinyl and having a good set of decks was a must.

Then came the CD decks which I have always hated. Not touching Vinyl for me is like a disconnect and I just can't stand it.

After that came MP3/Computer Dj'ing solutions like Final Scratch and Serato (I own both) and that was good. You could now buy tracks off of BeatPort and be rocking them out that night at the party and if you liked the feel of Vinyl you still had it.

Even after all of these new technologies it has always been my dream to get a new set of Technics.

I fulfilled that dream by buying a set of black Technics 1200 MKII's a couple weeks ago off a friend and they have been the best decks I have ever mixed on and I finally got what I had waited so long for.

Mixing on Technics is like pure butter because they are so precise and accurate and they just feel amazing.

Now I might not be able to get replacement parts in the next couple of years and I was going to upgrade in 4 years so I guess that won't be happening now.

This is just really shitty, I have been seeing the art of the Vinyl Dj dieing off these past couple years and it is really sad that pretty soon most Dj's wont even know what it feels like to mix real wax.

If anyone needs me tonight I will be #drunkmodo with my Tech 12's.