ENHANCE! (How Adobe Will Let You Take Perfectly Focused Images Every Time)

Plenoptic is a stunning new lenses technology. When you use it, you don't need to care about having your subject in focus. You would be able to perfectly focus on any subject in your photography after you take the photo.


Invented by Adobe, Plenoptic consists on a very smart combination of special lens for your camera and software for your PC or Mac.

First, the lens' optics atomize the picture in thousands of tiny versions of the scene, all different from each other, at different angles and positions. When you add these lenses to your DSLR camera, the sensor would capture a huge grid of images made of all these little images. The effect is similar to the eyes of a fly.

Then, the software can take this grid and combine the versions into a single one. Using a simple slider, you can change the focus of the image in any way you want, picking any plane you desire to be in perfect, crystal-clear focus.

Watching the demo is almost magical. Basically, these guys have actually created the stuff you can see in stupid crime TV series and movies and make it real. I'm sure one day we will actually see stuff like this:

However, I hope they will work first in "Get subject naked and in different naughty lingerie outfits" technology first. [Laptop Magazine]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I wonder if there are applications for 3D here as well since there are many different images from different angles. The software could then create a 3D reproduction.