Every James Bond Gadget in a Single 16-Minute Video

After the all important tuxedo, martini and gun, if there’s one thing James Bond never travels without, it’s a good gadget. This super-cut show every gizmo that Bond has ever used.


There are, of course a wide range of Bond gadgets, from simple rotating number plates and hidden knives, to improbable high-power lasers and, of course, the fully-automated crocodile disguise. There’s a useful one.

This video counts a bewildering 193 different shows of technology, though the interpretation of what counts as a gadget is sometimes a little loose. (Sadly, the count doesn’t include Spectre—so you’ll have to keep a tally when you’re at the theater.) Which is your favorite?

[Burger Fiction]

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Nice, but they left out the greatest Bond gadget ever, the jet pack:

It was quite real, built by Bell Aerospace and flown in the movie by pioneer jet pack pilot Bill Suiter.

Also missing is the car-plane, also sort of real; it was a flying Ford Pinto. However it crashed before filming began, so the film featured a model based on an AMC Matador:

The micro-jet and “Little Nellie” gyrocopter are also real. The jet is a BD-5J; the gyrocopter was custom built and flown by Ken Wallis.