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Every Sci-Fi Movie Should Have a VHS Trailer Like This One for Prospect

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The new sci-fi film Prospect is finally available on-demand, and to celebrate, the filmmakers cut a trailer worthy of its low-budget, high-concept aesthetic.

io9 is excited to debut the VHS trailer for Prospect. Ninety percent of you know exactly what that means but for anyone who doesn’t, a) do your parents know you’re on this site?, and b) it’s how people watched movies at home in the ‘80s and ‘90s before DVDs. Most movies were cropped to fit square TVs, and the tape quality degraded over time, resulting in a generation remembering their favorite films through many fuzzy, worn-down memories. As it happens, those are the exact kinds of films that Prospect was heavily inspired by. Check it out.


The trailer explains what the movie is about, but it’s about a father and a daughter in the future who travel to a planet to mine a very valuable material, only to have to fight for their lives to acquire it. Jay Duplass and Sophie Thatcher star and it includes a supporting role by Pedro Pascal, soon to be seen in the Star Wars universe as The Mandalorian.


Prospect is now available on demand.

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